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Mirror, Myanma Alinn & Myanmar's Global New Light. Enjoy Myanmar Digital News on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This is the first time that the majority of the population relies on Radio Free Asia, Voice of America and the Democratic Voice of Burma for the local news. Here you can download current stories, special reports, news & pictures. Myanmar State and Religion (ARI Working Paper No.

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You can download : Laden Sie Journal Daily von Daily Mirror, Myanma Alin & The Global New Light Of Myanmar herunter. E-newspaper, news in Burmese, news in English, videos, entertainment news, classifieds, interactive news and more. You can download : Laden Sie Journal Daily von Daily Mirror, Myanma Alin & The Global New Light Of Myanmar herunter. E-newspaper, news in Burmese, news in English, videos, entertainment news, classifieds, interactive news and more.

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Forbidding the contributions of the Rohingya Group as minorities | Technology

Among the unspeakable allegations that the Myanmar army is "ethnically cleansing" the Muslim Rohingya majority, Facebook has described an insurgency group of Rohingya as a "dangerous organization" and instructed the facilitators to erase any contents "by or with praise". It was just before the group' s in-house evaluation that militants complained that the firm was cutting positions over the violent armed action against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

A Facebook spokesman said the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (Arsa) has been placed on Facebook's watch lists of "dangerous organizations" in recent months. It prohibits bodies of or in assistance to such organisations that it identifies as groups dealing with terror, organised force or criminality, genocide or organised hatred.

The Facebook website declined to give any comments on whether any of the other groups participating in the dispute, which had fled the land by more than 400,000 Rohingya, was classified as hazardous or whether any of their bank account or postings were canceled. Myanmar's army, which the United Nations' chief executive for humanitarian affairs has charged with participating in a "textbook example of ethnical cleansing", has a validated Facebook page with 2.6 million supporters.

There are also many other formalities in the administration and concern has been expressed by those observing people' s freedoms that the contributions of Aung San Suu Kyi, the country' s de facto Nobel laureate, are fueling anti-Rohingya zeal. The Myanmar administration proclaimed Arsa a counterterrorist organisation on 25 August after the group co-ordinated assaults on policing stations in the state of Rakhine in the West and killed 12 members of the military forcings.

The Facebook group said it did not make its choice at the requests of the federal administration and that the choice was exclusively due to the group' s supposed violence and not to its policy objectives. However, the choice of the corporate community was greeted by Aung San Suu Kyi's spokesperson Zaw Htay, who on August 26 sent a Facebook news story about the name on his own Facebook page.

Htay's contribution, in which he asked his supporters to share pro-Arsa contents on Facebook, was almost 7,000share. The Arsa organisation was founded last October and is called a liberation fighters' organisation in the name of the approximately 1.1 million Rohingya who live in Rakhine. Muslims are scorned by Myanmar's Buddhist minority and regarded by the administration as stateless, indoctrination.

On Twitter, Mr Taransky said the assaults were a "legitimate step" in defending Rohingya's right against Myanmar's militarily repressive regime. He condemned the military's activities as "clearly disproportionate" to the Arza war. When Rohingya arrives in Bangladesh's camp, he describes a wild militia action against Rohingya communities, with incendiary assaults, rape, shootings and land mines.

The recognition of Facebook for banning Arsa comes amid criticisms from Rohingya returnees, reporters and commentators that the corporation censors abuses of minorities. Anwar, whose accusations of being censored were first announced by the Daily Beast, announced screen shots of a number of articles that had been deleted by Facebook for breach of common rules.

Some of the items contained only text, he said, and described naval actions against Rohingya towns in Rakhine. Some of Anwar's contributions were erroneously erased, Facebook said, but the errors were not due to the fact that presenters confused the Rohingya sponsorship with the Arsa sponsorship. Whilst Facebook has long been banning certain contents to curb graphical abuse or exposure to the nude, the firm changed its rules in October 2016 after an official response to an internationally acclaimed cry censoring a well-known picture of a nude kid who fled a nape assault during the Vietnam Wars.

In view of the fierce criticisms of his part as a centaur, it has chosen to allow graphical contents that are "reportable, significant or important for the people. "Though I still get new pictures and video from the continuing anti-rohingya violent, I won't post them on my page on my site because I'm afraid my profile will be banned," he said.

A Rohingya fugitive from Saudi Arabia, Jafar Arakane operates Arakan Times, a YouTube television station of the Rohingya fellowship with a Facebook page. Arakan' is an alternate name for Rakhine. "Once the violent outbreak in Arakan last week began, we started sending our messages on YouTube from the very first moment and stayed tuned into our station's Facebook page.

We' ve been able to reach our audience of ten thousand via our Facebook page," said Mr Azrakane. He said his Facebook page was abandoned on August 27. Bangladesh-based head Ko Ko Ko Ko Linn, a Rohingya leaders, said his work to educate the public about Rohingya violations was "severely hindered" by Facebook's suspension of his Facebook bankroll on September 12.

Linn, who leads the Bangladesh section of the London-based Arakan Rohingya National Organisation, said he has published "videos and photographs showing the violent Rohingya civilian slaughter in Arakan". Human Rights Watch's Asia Division Assistant Manager Phil Robertson said the Rohingya were compelled to report their case on Facebook and Twitter because the few Myanmar newspapers that are independent in their coverage of the Rakhine rally are threatening boycott and retribution.

Few local newspapers are willing to take the risks of estranging their readership, marketers and, in some cases, their employees by urging the Myanmar authorities to launch a clean-up operation in which they are part.

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