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Newspapers for information on local topics, politics, events, festivals, people and businesses. These are a list of newspapers in Burma. Stay up to date with the latest news in Myanmar. Search the entire New York Times collection of articles and commentaries on Myanmar. They can read the free Burmese daily Kyaymon (?

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PAO kids in South Shan State need to move far away from the highland they call home if they want a better education. 3. Mistreatment is common, eating is poor, and sanitation in the notorious Yangon Jail, which is the bottom of a fierce wordplay about "going mad", is inferior. Maltreatment is common, the diet is poor and the sanitation is.....

A new Myanmar army movie about the Myanmar army, the filmmaker said..... The first part of our new trip range is based on the..... Myanmar's typical annual period is a high..... A new Myanmar army movie directed by the author said he wanted to record the lives of Myanmar's army, but criticisms say it is a bit of propoganda that tries to exalt the Tatmadaw and could influence the peacemaking world.

The first part of our new journey serial..... Extensive reporting on Myanmar the latest developments, the latest developments and more.

New in Myanmar

The ICC has until 27 July to give Myanmar time to reply to a petition to pursue justice over suspected atrocities. In Bangladesh's "world's biggest refugee camp", Rohingya survives Kutupalong is home to one million Rohingya escapees who have escaped the disastrous Myanmar war. Since February there have been preparatory work to prevent floods and mudslides, but tens of millions are on their own.

Physicians of an American non-profit organization provide affordable glasses to returnees and village people in isolated areas of Thailand. In spite of the bad livelihoods, many of those fleeing the violence in Myanmar are still thankful for their security. This treaty requires a co-operation frame leading to a "voluntary" and "safe" refugee repatriation.

ICC can and should bring Myanmar's government to justice for the crime they perpetrated against the Rohingya. The UN anticipates that 25,000 infants will be given birth in May-June after 700,000 Rohingya escaped from Myanmar last year. A lot of chin deportees say they are escaping Buddhist persecutions in Myanmar.

The Rohingya fighters'killed dozens of Hindu villagers' right group says Rohingya insurgents murdered as many as 99 Hindu village people in a single date in August last year. An arguable philanthropic organization, Free Burma Rangers, says it plans to step up its assistance mission in Myanmar with the help of some unlikely Iraqi people.

Karen village people are escaping further violent attacks between the Karen National Liberation Army and the state.

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