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Have a look at the channels with the most'Uploaded Video Views' on YouTube. Burmese Rohingya Muslims tell stories of rape and murder by police and soldiers (ABC News) - Related Story: Humanitarian crisis caused by escalating violence in Myanmar's state of Rakhine is causing catastrophic suffering. A methodical massacre in the village of Rohingya; video: Submission to CEDAW in Myanmar.

Burmese policeman arrested for Rohingya's video tape of his beatings

Burma has arrested several policemen for a video that seems to show officials beat members of the Muslim Rohingya ethnic group during a safety mission. Goverment said the event, shot by a policeman, occurred in the troubled Rakhine state in November. Myanmar's de facto head Aung San Suu Kyi's bureau appointed four senior officials to participate in the surgery.

One of them is Zaw Myo Htike, who can be seen filming the video. "Additional investigation is being conducted to uncover other policemen who have beaten the village people during the surgery. Admitting that perpetrators of abuse by Burma's military personnel is an uncommon trend, as Burma's rulers have previously claimed that they follow the rules of the state.

The state of Århine is locked for reporters and detectives, making it hard to investigate the indictment. Who' s going to help Myanmar's Rohingya? This video shows a large group of village people seated in rows in front of policemen. And the Rohingya? Rohingya, an estimated one million Muslims, are regarded by many as irregular immigrants from Bangladesh, especially in Buddhist Myanmar.

I estimate that in Bangladesh several hundred thousandundred thousand indigenous Rohingya have escaped from Myanmar over the years. In Bangladesh, about 50,000 Rohingya have passed the limit in the last two month. It is an insightful insight into the workings of the Rakhine police. In the last three month there has been a constant stream of video material from the north of Rakhine.

The Rohingya men and woman have claimed assault, massacre and the cremation and plundering of towns by the war. At the same the film material was condemned as "Fake News", while at the same thwarting journalist and helpers from forming their own opinion. Obviously at least six Rohingya have been detained in the last three month.

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