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In the midst of ethnic cleansing claims, Australia urged that relations with Myanmar's military be broken off. President Rodrigo Duterte will fly from Myanmar to Thailand on Monday evening. A lot of people say they do not plan to return to Myanmar. Myanmar Calendar; Myanmar Model and Sexy Girls Monastery;

Buddha Dhama Questions & Answers; People Voice; Horoscope; Video News; Myanmar Monastery. Movie of the mating of snakes in Myanmar Monastery becomes viral.

Myanmar's Rohingya crisis: Emergence of a human catastrophe

Here's how China can be escalating a trade war with the US back in Brooklyn with Tracy Morgan: "Gentrification and the last O.G." is here, how China can be escalating a trade war with the US, what the future will look like without net neutrality? At a summit, what would Putin and Trump talk about?

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Cachin work to preserve the language in Myanmar

Formerly banned under Myanmar's junior army regime, since 2012 it has been possible to teach minorities' ethnical tongues in state colleges - but mostly with post-work tutors. In areas of Kachin state and other areas still dominated by ethnically militarized groups, however, they are dominated by local communities, including the Myanmar dialect as a second tongue.

Sandford speaks to those who work on the ground and still use the native tongue.

Francis shuns Rohingya in Myanmar Address Video

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Put the guilt on the army, of course we don't know that the Pope is telling the Myanmar authority in person that I think some folks might be upset. I' m a gentlemen in my midst for NBC news.

The Myanmar beauty queen dethroned'After the release of Rohingya Video'.

One Myanmar fairy goddess says she was deprived of the name of her procession after she published a video in which she charged Rohingya Muslims with propelling municipal brutality in Rakhine state, a dispute full of controversies in a mainly buddhistic state. Myanmar's military is charged with conducting an ethnical purge against the Rohingya in the far westernmost region, where more than half a million of the Moslem minorities have escaped across the Bangladesh frontier since 25 August.

The Myanmar government has responded to the worldwide conviction by defending the Myanmar military operations as legal action against the Rohingya fighters who assaulted policemen last months. It has stirred up Myanmar's tension, stirred up the nationalist Buddhism and incited the Rohingya hate that has been spreading for years.

Last weeks video on her Facebook, Miss Grand Myanmar Shwe Eain Si blamed the Rohingya fighters for running a "media campaign" to get the whole worid to think "they are the oppressed". Photographs of Shwe Eain Si talking to the cameras were imbued with graphical pictures of human beings with bloodied wounds on their faces, naked infants and screen captures from video from the militants, known as ARSA (Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army).

Sunday the company behind the contest reported that Shwe Eain Si was robbed of her titles for breach of the Treaty provisions in a declaration not mentioning the video about Rakhine. However, in a response on Facebook on Tuesday, Shwe Eain Si said these allegations were "unfounded" and associated the move with her commentary on Rohingya.

A complaint of the firm, the beautiful empress said, was that she had "failed to present a proper picture of a contestant". "Yes, Shwe Eain Si made a video about the rule of terrorism caused by the ARSA fighters in Rakhine state, but that was hardly a neglect to qualify as a failing to present a proper picture of a competitor," her contribution said.

Ms Universe Myanmar was not immediately available for comments. This is not the first dramatic experience of Myanmar's burgeoning Belle Girllife. At the beginning of the year, a high profile transnational competition champion was arrested after a well-known actor accused her of slander for libel published on a beloved social media tabloid.

In 2014, a Myanmar empress was deposed for supposed insincerity and misbehaviour, after which she fled with her wrong-head.

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