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Burma denies responsibility for Rohingya immigrant crises | Myanmar News

Burma refuses to take the rap for an escalating immigrant crises and doubted whether it would be attending a Thailand meeting later this months to alleviate a plight that has caused the loss of millions of refugees ashore. "While we do not ignore the issue of migrants, our leaders will be deciding whether to participate in the gathering on the basis of what is to be discussed," said Major Zaw Htay, head of the Myanmar president's bureau.

"He added that we will not tolerate the claims of some that Myanmar is the cause of the issue. Ships with more than 2,000 distressed and starving fugitives have been arriving in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia in recent few days, and it is estimated that tens of thousands of immigrants are floating at the seas after a strike against trafficking has led skippers and bootleggers to give up their ships.

Most of those on the crowded ships are Rohingya Muslims who flee the persecutions in Myanmar. The two groups seem anxious to reach Malaysia, a Muslim majoritarian nation that has housed more than 45,000 Rohingya over the years but can no longer do so. Similar positions have been taken by Indonesia and Thailand.

Each of these three nations have deployed their marines in vessels at sea frontiers to move vessels or to pursue a so-called "help-on" policies that provide the vessels with nourishment and seawater - and refer them to other states. Burma seemed to be blaming its neighbors for part of the present economic downturn.

"It is a shame from a humane point of view they are being thrown out to sea by a number of countries," said Zaw Htay, who runs the Myanmar presidential offices of Thein Sein, who has not talked openly about the escalation on May 1. "Indeed, the presidential bureau manager says that other nations are trying to pass the buck on to Myanmar," she added.

On 29 May Thailand organized its provincial summit with civil servants from 15 different nations to debate the "causes" of "irregular immigration in the Indian Ocean". On Friday, Zaw Htay said that the Myanmar administration "will not participate in a Thailand organized local gathering if "Rohingya" is included in the invitation". It blamed Myanmar for diverting its trafficking and slave trade issues.

On Friday, an alarming UNO issued a warning against "floating coffins" and called on local leadership to put people' s lifes first. "Zaw Htay said, "The most serious breaches of fundamental freedoms are perpetrated by those corruption officers who are engaged in traffic in human beings and cooperate with them. The Thailand government, long charged with turning a blind eye to the trade in humans for payment, began a sharp attack on 1 May after having found tens of corpses that had been found dead in the jungles of slave traders on the Malaysian side of the country's borders.

United Nations describes the Rohingya as one of the most oppressed minority groups in the run. The Rohingya were suffering for centuries from state-sanctioned forms of harassment in the Buddhist minority of Myanmar. Over the last three years, the Rohingya attack has claimed the lives of several hundred victims and caused an exit of an estimated 120,000 refugees from trafficking in humans to other Iraq.

Aeronautics contributed to boosting a long-established trafficking in people in the area. The name Rohingya itself is off limits in Myanmar, which she refers to as "Bengalis" and persists that they are illicit Bangladeshi migrants, although Rohingya has been living in this predominantly Buddhist South East Asia land for generation.

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