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How does the future look for Myanmar? We' ll give you a better insight into Myanmar, from the famous pagodas to the treasure of Mandalay. Burma has signed a contract with Bangladesh to send hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees home. The Myanmar News App brings all online available Myanmar News together! (.

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UN Security Council officials were asked by Rohingya migrants to claim Myanmar nationality and allow them to go back after the rape. From Bangladesh, we reported when its Prime Minister accused the Myanmar authorities of "atrocities" and called on the state to take back the Rohingya Muslims who fled across the frontier.

UN Office of Fundamental Freedoms Ravina Shamdasani talks about the Rohingya in Myanmar. From South Bangladesh, we are reporting, as the United Nations Head of Humankind explains, that Myanmar's dealings with the Rohingya tribe is a "textbook example of ethical cleansing". UN condemns Myanmar and accuses the Myanmar administration of complete ethnical cleanup.

The new Tugendhat, the right-wing chairman of the Federal Reserve's Ministry of Justice, speaks about the hardship of the Rohingyas in Myanmar. Myanmar's UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights, Yanghee Lee, is responding to recent human rights abuses in Myanmar. In Myanmar or Burma, violent acts force the Muslim Rohingya majority of ten thousand refugees to escape with nothing but tales of gangstery, assassination and harassment.

Burma's army is accusing Burma of killing masses and cruelty to Muslim Rohingyas on the run to Bangladesh. Do Khin, chairman of Burma's Rohingya organisation in the UK, talks about the hardship of the Rohingya who are escaping the Myanmar war. As many as 26 Rohingya Muslims were drowning when they tried to avoid the Myanmar uprising.

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