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Blastings hit Myanmar's troubled Rakhine State. More Rohingya are now in relief camps in neighbouring Bangladesh than in Myanmar. This is a continuous series of Listenwise. Myanmar virus is the first of its kind to be detected worldwide. The decision today is a setback for press freedom and the rule of law in Myanmar.

May 25 Myanmar Morning News

Burma should respond to a United Nations commission inquiry into the military's responsibilities for the rampant violation of Rohingya woman and girl in the north of Rakhine state, Human Rights Watch and Fortify Rights said today. Now is a good place to go if you don't like annoying tourist masses and looking for value for your money. Now is a good moment to be.

Jar thinks she had no alternative but to escape into the jungles when Myanmar's army planes began to bomb near her town in Kachin state. The US based US based privatecompany TPG is making a transaction that could lead to it becoming Myanmar's largest independant telecommunications tower ownership, Bloomberg said last weekend, and quoted those closest to the deed.

Canada's leaders are strengthening the call for equity for the struggling Rohingya people of Myanmar. The global chemicals group BASP has entered Myanmar with the building of a chemicals factory. The latest Amnesty International Briefing on the Rohingya crises has caused a sensation in an already rampant Myanmar-mediacene.

There has been broad opposition to the document, partly as a result of a statement by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Bangladesh describing it as "illogical". This is an alteration to the National Defense Authorisation Act (NDAA), one of the few laws adopted each year by the US Congress. eedotco Myanmar, part of Axiata Group Bhd's subsidary eddotco Group Sdn Bhd, is taking over the power equipment and operations of Ooredoo Myanmar Ltd in 1,250 telecommunication towers in Myanmar.

While worldwide awareness continues to focus on the distressed situation of Rohingya Muslims escaping ethnical purges in Myanmar's west state of Rakhine, another forceful northern approach has broken out almost undetected over 400 leagues to the north-east in the secluded and hilly state of Kachin, along the country's secluded frontier with China.

In Myanmar, a recent meeting took place between a Sweden mission and the Minister for Social Affairs, Emergency Relief and Resettlement. A speech by U Aung Htoo, Deputy Minister of Commerce, opened the four-day exhibition. Burma has pledged to accelerate peacemaking activities with indigenous minorities to better combat drugs across its border.

Myanmar's central bank (CBM) will take in around CZK 640 billion to fund the budget shortfall for the six-month transition between April 1 and September 30, U Maung Maung Win, Assistant Secretary of State at the Ministry of Planning and Finances, told Parliament this weekend. Myanmar's military was accused of murdering an ethnic Mon village dweller during an inquiry into a home issue in southeast Myanmar's Mon state after the man got into a fight with a family member, a policeman said on Thursday.

Burma opposed the deployment of four CCTV camcorders and ten solar-powered safety lights in Bangladesh and the increasing populations near the borders, which are banned by a bi-lateral frontier covenant. Myanmar's House of Lords parliament has adopted changes to the anti-corruption law that give the country's anti-graft office more power in the fight against fraud.

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