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Burma is building a base on the site of Rohingya houses and mausoleums - Review | World Press Releases

Myanmar's army is constructing strongholds where Rohingya's houses and mausoleums once were, Amnesty International said on Monday, quoting new proof from sat-images. Almost 700,000 members of the Islamic minorities escaped to Bangladesh in 2017 following Myanmar's violent action against rebels, which the US and the UN have described as racial profanity.

Burma has rejected this allegation because it reacted to the attack by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army at the end of August. More than 350 Rohingya settlements in the West Burmese state of Rakhine were devastated by fire during the suppression. Amnesty' s account recalls earlier research that the remnants of some of these towns - and some structures that had not previously been demolished - had been levelled.

On one occasion, Rohingya village dwellers who had stayed in Myanmar were displaced by force to make way for a shelter. Amnesty said at least four non-fire-damaged mausoleums had been demolished or their roofs or other material taken off since the end of December, a period in which there was no significant clash in the area.

At a Rohingya town, satelite images showed a building for a new frontier station standing next to a recently torn down Mosque. Burma's authorities have said terrorist groups are terrorizing communities to make room for new houses for returnees. In November, Myanmar and Bangladesh concluded an agreement to return the migrants.

Burma has said interim storage facilities are available for returners, but the trial has not yet begun. Myanmar's "transformation" of the area where the Rohingya were living seemed to be geared to receiving more peacekeepers and non-Rohingya village dwellers, Amnesty said, and could prevent the escapees from accepting the repatriation.

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