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In the Bago region of south Myanmar, the regional authorities have again called for developments and mentioned the need for better accessibility to developed areas by China and Korea. "Nyunt Shwe, Bago Region Secretary of Public Works and Finances, said in an May 19 report in Global New Light of Myanmar, "No country has been reserved for the Bago region's developed world.

Asked about the particulars of the development of the industrial area, the recently dismissed Bago Regional Secretary, Kyaw Min San, Mizzima, said he was not aware of any particulars. Global New Light of Myanmar said the present Bago Regional Secretary, Nyunt Shwe: "If areas of industry are built, our area will also evolve and it can provide jobs for the population.

Over the next five years, large quantities of Myanmar's on- and off-shore reserves of methane will be available, giving global energy and petroleum companies new investment possibilities in this industry, said U Win Khaing, Minister of the Union for Energy and Forestry. Myanmar's LNG imports are planned by the Chinese authorities to compensate for an ongoing power shortfall in Myanmar.

yesterdays the Department of Urban and Housing Development of the Ministry of Construction declared its engagement for the implementation of four major infrastructural ventures in the Mandalay and Yangon area. The MOC has short-listed six Mandalay based businesses, one of which will be the master developer of the New Mandalay Resort City to be built in Pyin Oo Lwin.

This 9,893 hectare development will be carried out in three stages. Stage 1 includes an IT installation, a conference center, a school and an industrial area with shopping centers and banking facilities. Stage 2 is split into several areas for the development of industries and touring. In the third stage there is living space, a course, as well as hotels and even agricultural areas.

"We are developing this projekt in stages, because it is a big projekt..... YANGON - Construction of new ring road is being expanded throughout the Yangon region to encourage investment in suburbs, says U Than, Joint Secretary of Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC). "By 2040, the present 5.2 million inhabitants will rise to over 10 million, because Yangon will become a "Mega City".

With more and more people moving to Yangon, there will be development along the Circular Railroad," said Mr. Than. In addition, the Yangon Region Investment Committee is now debating the creation of Yangon Region industry parks with China and South Korea, according to the Yangon Investment Forum 2018 pre-press meeting that took place on May 2 at the Cooperative Business Centre.

"in the Yangon region. Thus, they discussed with the Yangon Region Investment Committee, ?..... According to the people in charge of the Bago region, Mr. Tota will be installing overland pipelines over two Karen provinces to transport electricity from the LNG station in the Kanbauk area of Yebyu municipality in the Tanintharyi region to a 500 kW transformer station.

On May 15, the members of the Kan Thar Oo Hall in Hpa-an gathered to provide the general population with information and opinion on the Kanbauk power plant and to ask for their views. "We' re submitting a proposition for the 2017 deadline. We have also presented the EIA/SIA survey to the Department of Environmental Conservation.

We' ve been instructed to proceed," Dr. Aung Zaw Win, Total's Director of Projects and Communications, said to Karen News. From the Tanintharyi area, the electricity will be supplied to the Bago Regi..... Xinhua said on May 21, referring to state owned news agencies, that a Hong Kong publicly traded corporation is planning to build a mill in the south of Bago, Myanmar.

Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Ltd., a Hong Kong publicly traded China-based paper manufacturer, informed the Chief Minister of the Bago region, U Win Thein, that the business will use the facility's own generation of power for the facility. As part of the Bago project, it will be sending 3,000 inhabitants of Bago to China for a one-year school.

It was all changed using the CCA (child-centered approach), which included methodologies, looks and assessment to make it better than the former system," Daw Naw Tin Hla said to the Mon News Agency. On May 15th at the Ramanya Hotel in Mawlamyine, Mon State, a 19-member organizing committee of the Mon-Entrepreneurs Association was founded with Mon businessmen from the states of Mon and Kayin, the Tanintharyi region and Mon locals who live in Thailand and oversee.

It will be beneficial if monks of different races can form an organisation in the commercial enterprise community and define and execute a nationwide commercial strategy," said Nai Tun Lwin, a mon-entrepreneur of the Social Entrepreneurs Ass. He added that the Mon-Entrepreneurs Association organising committee will get in touch with the businessmen and will form the Mon-Entrepreneurs Associations within 18 month.

At first, the Mon Entrepreneurs Association will form two groups - the first group will be located in the states of Mon and Kayin..... Kayin state authorities have abandoned their plans to turn sub-gymnasiums into full grammar school because of a teacher deficit, the prime ministers said.

Prime Minister Daw Nan Khin Htwe Myint said that although the Chinese authorities could improve the infrastructures of these colleges to turn them into full grammar school, they would not implement the plans because of the shortage of people. "A well-educated teacher is indispensable for the improvement of schools," she said.

In Kayin there are 75 grammar and 70 sub-grammar colleges, 24 of which are in Hpa-an. The Ministry of Education reported that 5099 modern ised throughout the state, among them 13 grammar and secondary grammar colleges, 43 secondary and 66 elementary colleges and a few sub-schools in Kayin.

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