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The Yadanabon is a Burmese language newspaper published in Mandalay, Myanmar, Myanmar. Mr Rohingya recalls the horror of the attack by the Myanmar army. Download our award-winning, free online binary options trading software! Download the official download app for the latest festival news and information. An Android app from ProgrammingTunes Free.


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Burnt Rohingya Burnt Burma According to Refugees Agreement, says Right Group | World Intelligence

Sat imagery shows that tens of Rohingya communities the weeks Myanmar has been signing an accord with Bangladesh to bring back tens of thousand of refugees, MRA claim. Proof that the village was still in damage until December 2 contradicts the promises of the Myanmar authorities that the fighting has stopped and that the Rohingya could surely go back to Myanmar, the guard dog said.

On 23 November Bangladesh and Myanmar concluded an accord to begin the repatriation of some of the approximately 655,000 displaced persons who have escaped from Myanmar in the last four month. Myanmar troops, policemen and militia have been charged with destroying several hundred communities, violating wives and babies and killing at will. This has been described in the US as an ethnical clean-up operation.

Myanmar authorities say that the allegations of violent acts are excessive and that most of them were committed by Rohingya uprising. First repatriation under the treaty is due in January, a schedule that HR groups consider impossible and which could put the Islamic minorities at risk of continuing harassment, detention or possible relocation.

The HRW said the Rohingya could not yet come back home in safety as shown by satelite imagery showing evidence of fire and demolition in 40 towns in October and November. "Destroying Rohingya communities by the Myanmar military within a few day of the signature of a readmission treaty with Bangladesh shows that the commitment to secure re-entry was just a PR gag," said Brad Adams, the Asia Organization's executive officer.

The HRW said his analyses had shown that some 354 towns had been partly or totally devastated since "evacuation operations" began in the state of Rakhine in August after a number of fatal Rohingya fighter outrages. At least 118 of these communities were demolished after September 5, which Aung Sang Suu Kyi, Myanmar's de facto head, identifies as the formal end of military action in the state.

Mr Sans Frontières last weekend predicted that at least 6,700 Rohingya, 700 of them Rohingya kids, had been murdered since the August suppression, which followed similar acts of repression in October 2016. Approximately 870,000 Rohingya have escaped the last few years. Burma's own investigations revealed that 376 Rohingya "terrorists" were dying in the fights and found "no dead bodies of guiltless people" - an assertion refuted by hundred of reports about the refugee bush.

The UN High Commission for the Protection of Fundamental Freedoms and Fundamental Freedoms, Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein, said on Monday that he could not exclude the possible occurrence of an act of genocide in Rakhine in recent month.

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