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Untreated wood from private forest plantations can now be exported. After being injured, Muslim women are now being shunned by their own. The Reuters news agency said on Monday that two journalists were charged under Myanmar's Official Secrets Act. Suu Kyi, as she is known in Myanmar, spent more than a decade under house arrest. "Fear in public and no privacy now.


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Are the Rohingya ever coming home? Myanmar's International Committee of the Red Cross has expressed doubt about Myanmar's return. Malaysians have taken in Rohingya migrants, but they do not receive any official documents and stay stateess. 13 military officers identified by Amnesty International for supposedly playing a part in the crime against Rohingya's people.

Maung Maung Soe, who is already under US sanction, headed the violent attack on Rohingya. The ICC has given Myanmar until 27 July to reply to a petition to pursue justice over suspected atrocities. In Bangladesh's "world's biggest refugee camp", Rohingya survives Kutupalong is home to one million Rohingya escapees who have escaped the disastrous Myanmar war.

Severe rainfall causes mudslides, killing at least 12 persons in an area with around one million migrants. Since February there have been preparatory work to prevent floods and mudslides, but tens of millions are on their own. Right-wing groups are warning against overloaded Rohingya warehouses that are not prepared for the season of monsoons and cyclones.

The ICC' s rulings in the Rohingya case could have an impact internationally. In spite of the bad livelihoods, many of those fleeing the violence in Myanmar are still thankful for their security. This treaty requires a co-operation frame that leads to a "voluntary" and "safe" refugee repatriation.

ICC can and should bring Myanmar's government to justice for the crime they perpetrated against the Rohingya. The UN anticipates that 25,000 infants will be given birth in May-June after 700,000 Rohingya escaped from Myanmar last year. The Rohingya fighters'killed dozens of Hindu villagers' right group says Rohingya insurgents murdered as many as 99 Hindu village people in a single date in August last year.

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