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Myanmar struck by mass network attacks before elections

It began at the end of October, but has increased in recent few day to overpower the nation's connection to the net, said Arbor Networks. Burmese sources say the interruption continues. But, as Sue Lloyd-Roberts of the BBC in Burma has reported, many believe that the vote is a deception aimed at consolidating the military's influence on it.

So-called Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is working by overwhelming a destination with too much air. Usually they are leased by cybercriminals for various purposes, among them web-bugging. Dr. Craig Labovitz of Arbor Networks wrote about the assault that the amount of air travel was "several hundred more than enough " to flood these highways.

According to Dr. Labovitz, the results have disturbed networking within and outside the state. "We' re still not sure if it' ll be good to get in on polling day." Labovitz said he did not know the motivations for the assault, but said that the past analyses of similar incidents had found motivations "from political driven DDS, regime blackmail, and share manipulation".

It also noted that the present transport surge was "significantly greater" than the high-profile 2007 attack against Georgia and Estonia.

Myanmar Campaign UK is planning a new'Dirty List' of criminals

Myanmar Campaign UK plans to revitalise its Dirt Lists policy of identifying and embarrassing businesses associated with Myanmar's violation of people' s rights, said the London-based group of activists on 8 November. New lists would be released early next year and periodically updates, BCUK said in a declaration. In 2002, the group first released the so-called "Dirty List" to help identifying businesses related to either the regime or violation of people.

More than 100 businesses, among them B AC, PWC, WPP and P&O Cruises, have terminated their operations in Myanmar. The BCUK said it closed the register after the Myanmar democratic movements abandoned demands for specific sanction. The new' Dirt List' would concentrate on businesses that supply Tatmadaw or do commercial with Tatmadaw, as well as businesses engaged in humanitarian abuses related work.

"It will mainly concentrate on businesses related to the army, as the army is accountable for most of Burma's breaches of international humanitarian law and is obstructing democracy," said Anna Roberts, CEO of Burma Campaign UK. "When an enterprise supplies the army or does commercial with them, it helps them to perpetrate acts of violence and crime against people.

Mr Roberts said the move was followed by a huge vote of confidence in an on-line poll. "We are hoping that this new'dirty list' will compel businesses to stop providing and financing to the Burmese military," Roberts said. Extensive reporting on news, businesses and recent developments in Myanmar.

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