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And, simply put, she's an anti-Muslim race. Burma was not ready for the return of Rohingya refugees (ABC News). Media usually exaggerate the news about Muslims. The Islamic school in Myanmar is closed due to "state failure". STOOP Killing of Muslims in Burma.

Muslims in Myanmar are afraid of another "turnaround".

Myanmar is home to Tun Kyi. Today he plays an important part in Myanmar's former political prisoner society. "After the Rakhine violent events of 2012, the picture changed," he said. "Mr Kyi's predecessors wandered from India to Myanmar, also known as Burma, a generation ago.

In 2012, the clash between Buddhists and Muslim Rohingyas in Rakhine's west state has driven 140,000 refugees from their houses. The majority of IDPs, especially the Rohingya Muslims, sought shelter in neighboring Bangladesh. It was provoked after Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (Arsa) - a Rohingya Muslim group of militants - started concurrent assaults on Myanmar's regional safety checkpoints on 25 August.

Since then, more than half a million Rohingya Muslims have escaped brutality and brought along accounts of rapes and extrajudicial assassinations. High-ranking UN officers and groups for the protection of fundamental freedoms have described the Rohingya Muslims' exit as "ethnic cleansing" - an indictment strongly rejected by the Myanmar state. "There in Rakhine State the issue is terrible," says Adorer Muhammad Yunus.

"Some of us were in Rakhine and grew up and now live in Yangon," says Mr. Yunus. A number of sources suggest that Muslims have inhabited Myanmar for hundreds of years. The Rohingya Muslims - who differ in language from Muslims in southern and northern Myanmar - mainly resided in the west Rakhine state.

Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD) came to office in the 2015 election, but even the Netherlands did not present any Muslim candidateĀ . It says that this has been the case since 1962 - when the army took over - and Muslims from important ruling posts were eradicated.

"Now, you can't even find a young[Muslim] policeman, let alone an armed officer," says Mr. Lwin. "He cautions that the West should realise that Myanmar is in danger of returning to dictatorial domination if it is disreputed and taken out of office. To where did the Rohingya flee?

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