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The renaissance of journalism in Myanmar, i.e. revival of journalists. The Irrawaddy senior journalist Myanmars Kyaw Hsu Mon visited New Zealand in July, sponsored by the Asia New Zealand Foundation. Eleven Media Group Myanmar logo.

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Reform of Myanmar's legislation on the use of the press

They are the outcome of the government's desire to include the country's major players in the design and to make use of global experiences in the development of legislation. While the Myanmar House of Representatives will open today, 23 April, the rest of the globe will continue to pay close attention to the country's progress towards democratisation.

Legislation on the use of the medium and a legislative context that supports the function of the medium as a guard dog in our societies will continue to be at the heart of the democracy game. Though Myanmar's regulations on the use of film and television have eased last year and the development of new legislation has started, the entire audiovisual and legislative landscape is still strictly monitored and is not yet focused on supporting reforms.

At the centre of the two-day workshops on 23 and 25 April, organized by IMS, are media regulation and radio-law. In the framework of media regulation mechanism, the roles of the Council of Press and the establishment of self-regulatory mechanism will be trained, while the second will deal with radio legislation that has not been incorporated into the current version of the new media legislation.

It is important that those persons who are in charge of drawing up legislation in the press in the government are also among the members of the administration participating in the work group. Completion of the new Act is anticipated by 2012 and IMS will use its knowledge and partnerships with UNESCO to help this progress to make sure that the policy and legislation it develops meets global and local regulations and requirements.

These three areas of action concentrate primarily on meeting the current needs of the mass media to fulfil their part in the process of transforming politics from dictatorial to more liberal, with a particular emphasis on areas where the evolution of the mass medium is still governed by a rigorous policy. IMS' view of the Myanmar publishing industry (PDF).

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