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Nordkorea sent prohibited objects to Syria, Myanmar, UN finds

U.N. " North Korea sent objects used in rocket and chemistry weapon programmes to Syria along with rocket engineers who violated UN sanctioning policies " and forbade the use of rocket ballistics in Myanmar, U.N. officials said. Authorities overseeing North Korea have said that their investigation into Pyongyang's transfers of illicit rockets, traditional armaments and dual-use goods found more than 40 undeclared consignments to Syria between 2012 and 2017.

He said that an undisclosed U.N. member state also provided proof of Myanmar's receiving a variety of traditional weaponry from North Korea, which included several launcher and surface-to-air rockets in supplement to projectile ballistics missions. On February 2, the Associated Press reports that North Korea ignored UN sanctioning for crude petroleum and natural Gas, participated in the banned co-operation with Syria and Myanmar with rockets, and exported goods that earned nearly $200 million in just nine month of last year.

AP got more than 200 page detail from the more than 200 page review later Tuesday, includ-ing the panel's finds related to chemicals in Syria. Syria has been charged by the US and other countries in the West with using chemicals against rebel-controlled areas, among others recently in the suburbs of Damascus in the east of Ghouta, which the administration of President Bashar Assad contest.

To be published by diplomatic sources in mid-March, the UN Security Council reports "substantial new insights" into North Korea's relations with Syria, which date back to 2008. Ryonhap-2 Corporation of the North was part of a rocket programme this year, the "maneuverable re-entry vessel (MARV) Scud D (MD) project," according to one non-identified Member State.

She recently said that the August 2016 trip of a DPRK engineering mission " the DPRK's formal name " "included the transmission to Syria of specific resistive valve and thermometer types known for use in chemistry weaponry. "This information came from another Member State, which also stated that DPRK engineers "continue to work on chemicals and rocket installations in Barzeh, Adra and Hama," the reports said.

He cited Syria's response to the report panel: "In Syria there are no DVRK engineering firms and the only limited representation of some DVRK personnel in the area of sport is under single privately owned athletic and gymnastic agreements. "They have not yet had a response to any document proving this allegation, as well as a complete listing of all North Koreans who have travelled to Syria.

It said that it would also handle consignments banned by the member states and approved by the Cheng Tong Trading Co. Analyzing one of the countries came to the conclusion that the tile "should be used for high temperature activities," the panels said, while another said that the materials "can be used to construct the inside of the ( ) chemicals factor.

" It also said it was continuing its investigation into the activity of Ryu Jin, a Syrian high-ranking officer for the Korea Mining Development Trading Corporation, known as KOMID, which is on the black list of UN sanction. COMID is the DPRK's principal armaments trader and major exporting goods and supplies related to rockets and traditional armaments.

Among other things, the story says that Ryu Jin sent spherical and fibre optics to Syria, earning 56,000 Euro and 48,000 Euro respectively, which were transfered through Tanchon Commercial Bank. According to the panels, its investigation into several cases of previously undeclared deliveries of firearms and collaboration with front firms on UN sanctioned cases between 2010 and 2017 "showed further proof of embargoes and other injuries, involving the transmission of beneficial objects in rocket and arsenals.

" The DPRK Corst Company has for many years said that on account of the Second Economic Committee, which is subject to penalties, has been shipping goods to Syria for use in illicit programmes. In July 2017, the panels said it obtained documentation showing that Corst sent illicit goods to a scientist at the Scientific Studies Research Council in Syria, which the US says is the US federal authority in charge of the development and production of non-conventional arms and the means to supply them.

On Myanmar, the Board said that an undisclosed Member State reports that its Directorate of Defence Industry "maintains a well-developed worldwide purchasing network" and "is looking for foreign suppliers' gear for its DPRK-related rocket programme". "According to the panels, it had previously come to the conclusion that Myanmar's So Min Htike Co. Ltd, "was the recipient in the attempt to transmit banned radioactive materials in 2012.

" Whilst Myanmar informed the body in 2015 that it only had "normal" relations with the People' s Republic of Korea, it said on 26 July 2017 that it had deported Kim Chol Nam, a member of the People' s Republic of Korea'for his actions on KOMID's authority or instructions'. "And on January 24, 2018, the Board said, "Myanmar added that it is examining the Panel's final information request."

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