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Strengthening the business climate: Data sheet (Myanmar translation). Myanmar language courses starting in April. NOVICE / SEMI-INTENSIVE-TEMPO. Newspaper about Burma and Asia, published by expatriates.

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Stringent limitations on the use of the press were relaxed after 2011 under ex-President Thein Sein. However, free communication was not a top preoccupation for the democratic coalition that took up its post in 2016, says reporters without borders. It says self-censorship is used when officers and the army are reported and the agencies still put pressures on the press and even intervene to alter drafting policy.

The BBC, Voice of America and US-backed Radio Free Asia are among the international stations that serve Myanmar's population. Consumers have chosen to go with Facebook and Viber. The Freedom House says that there has been a strong increase in the number of libel charges against individuals who have criticized the administration on-line.

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Coming to Ngwe Saung Bay, you' ll find relaxing on unspoiled, unspoilt shores nestled against the gorgeous, mythical Bay of Bengal, where clean, whitish sand sparkles under a clear, bluish skies and stretches for kilometres along Myanmar's longest one. Adress: Station (3), Myoma Street, Ngwe Saung Street, Pathein. With the slim Irrawaddy Explorer (RV Paukan 2014), the newest and most luxury of the Ayravata Creise Company's three cruisers to sail the great Irrawaddy River of Burma and even before it exits the jetty, it will take you to another world: the classy, chic days of colonisation.

Adresse: No.25, Ground Floor, Via 38, Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Myanmar National Library | National Library of Australia

Burma's National Library of Australia's Burma archives are comprised of several thousand volumes of Burma-language publications, magazines and microfilms, and material related to Burma/Myanmar. The majority of the museum's works date from the fifties. The book covers works from the fields of economy, training, history, ethnology, language and music. We also have many works on Burma's civilization and Buddhism religions and literary works.

During the last few years the delivery of the library's works to the collections has been interrupted, but the library has again procured active supplies. There is also a large amount of English-language information on Burma/Myanmar in the library's principal library. Burma's language library is sorted by topic. It' currently being cataloged on-line, but due to the difficulties of displaying Myanmar writing on-line, no Myanmar letters are yet displayed.

Literature in the library is performed seperately in Myanmaric. Most of the rest of the language library is not yet cataloged and can be searched upon demand. Professor G. H. Luce's literature, paper and photography - extensive reporting on Burma's historical, archaeological, inscription, geographical, botanical, agricultural, language, indigenous, travel, memoir, arts and architectural heritage.

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