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in Yangon, Myanmar. As you can see Myanmar in six days. with some of Myanmar's generals. Email me notifications for new articles from Noa Landau. Aung San Suu Kyi's assistant has elected Myanmar's new president.

Myanmar's president, Close Suu Kyi Friend, says he is going into retirement.

Yangon, Myanmar (AP) -- Myanmar's Myanmar Yangon on Wednesday, a closest acquaintance of Aung San Suu Kyi, the F├╝hrer, said he was withdrawing, a move that puts a member of the country's already mighty army in a temporary positions of government. On the Myanmar presidential office's Facebook page, an ad said 71-year-old Htin Kyaw would resign because he wanted to relax.

Myanmar was Myanmar Premier Htin Kyaw, who became US Presidential in 2016, the first civil election and chief of his first free and equitable election since a 1962 war. When Suu Kyi became the de facto Myanmar chief after becoming US secretary of state, she became a post established for the country's once prominent vote for democratisation because she was excluded from her constitution.

Htin Kyaw served by common accord as deputy to Suu Kyi, who is also Secretary of State. Aung San Suu Kyi had declared openly - and with the consent of the general population - that she would stand "above the country's current state. He was " a constituent one whose roles and authority were limited to those of a figurehead," said Khin Zaw Win, a political interest group's Tampadipa Institute principal.

"Whoever the new US leader is, he must take a more determined stance and not let the (state advisor) do everything," he said in an e-mail. Htin Kyaw's resignation was widely anticipated because of his illness, he added, but that "there will be no big effects unless his replacement provides some surprise, good or bad".

Burma has two vice-presidents, and according to the country's constitutional statutes, 66-year-old First Vice-President Myint Swe will act as current chairman. Appointed by the army to the office of vice-president, which also has great impact in the civil administration, as he is granted 25 per cent of parliamentary seat and the three most important safety portfolio in the cabinet.

Former Lt-Gen Myint Swe was head of the former US Army government's former defense secretary general, a post that was important enough to put him on the US Treasury Department's 2007 Black Book, with limitations on travels and financing operations due to the junta's anti-democratic work. Dismissed from the party shortlist at the end of 2016 as a sign of Washington's assistance to Suu Kyi's administration, which was appointed early this year.

He was also considered to be near Senior General Than Shwe, who led the last army rule. If both parliaments decide on a new chairman, the election will fall between Myint Swe, second vice-president Henry Van Thio, who has been appointed by the top chamber of parliaments, and a third lower chamber nominee, Htin Kyaw.

Mr. Van Thio is a member of the Chinese ethnical group in Myanmar. "From the outset, the army was against the establishment of the (Council of State) office. "Remember also that the new leader must take power from Aung San Suu Kyi. More known as Suu Kyi's own loyaltyist, Htin Kyaw was an activist politician in her National League for Democracy despite his woman being a subsidiary of one of the founder members of the group.

During his tenure, he was in prison for having helped Suu Kyi make an unauthorized journey from Yangon under the former army rule and was head of a non-profit organization called after Suu Kyi's mum.

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