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The Irrawaddy" and "Democratic Voice of Burma". A special collection of articles on neglected infectious diseases in Myanmar. Email me notifications for new articles by Gili Cohen. "Your biased reporting worsens the current situation." Cited from other articles in PMC.

Justice Ye Lwin took as proof the copy of articles in the newspapers that the defence said the information in the papers had already been public.

Justice Ye Lwin took as proof the copy of articles in the newspapers that the defence said the information in the papers had already been public. An eyewitness had previously informed the tribunal that the papers they had found on the machines contained secret reports and blueprints from the state. The Yangon Tribunal has held a hearing since January to determine whether Wa Lone, 32, and Kyaw Soe Oo, 28, are indicted under the State Secrets of Colonies Act, which provides for a 14-year jail sentence in a case that has become a milestone in media freedoms.

Defender Than Zaw Aung said to the tribunal that the content of the "top secrets " of which the authorities said that they were taken from their telephones were described in detail in state and municipal papers before their arrest on 12 December, and that the information "was already known to the public". Papers contained official deeds of Myanmar vice-president Myint Swe's trip to the state of Rakhine and a plan to develop an offshore tourist area.

Thereupon, Aung Kyaw San, a Prosecutor's Office IT specialist said to the local law enforcement department that he did not know the news articles because he did not study them. It also said that journalists should not have such documentation "without the consent of the competent authorities", regardless of whether it has been made publicly available or not.

D.A. Kyaw Min Aung refused to give an opinion after Tuesday's question. The Myanmar spokesperson Zaw Htay was not immediately available. He said that the Myanmar judiciary was autonomous and the case was brought under the state. When they were arrested, the journalists had been working on an inquiry into the murder of 10 Muslim Rohingya men and young men in the Rakhine Inn Din town.

Journalists have reported that they were almost immediately apprehended after being curled up in a Yangon north Yangon restaurants by two police who had not previously hit them, after being asked to see the board. Police captain Moe Yan Naing last months said a high-ranking official had ordered his minions to place classified documentation on Wa Lone to "catch" the report.

During a press briefing on 15 May, Aung Win Oo, Director General of Law Enforcement, rejected this statement as untrue. Moe Yan Naing was convicted to one year in prison for breach of law and expelled from the law enforcement dormitory. Cops said the evacuation and his conviction had nothing to do with his statement.

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