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2016 Myanmar News

Newspaper agencies quoted a regional official who described the plan as "terrible". December 19th, 2016, 10:46am UTC. A magnitude of 6. Message 12-10-2016 14:42. CT: FBR was founded to help oppressed people in Burma/Myanmar.

United Nations demands investigation into Rohingya attack in Myanmar | News

Myanmar is being investigated by UN humanitarian law enforcement officials for accusations that Burma's military personnel have murdered vulnerable civil citizens, burnt down communities and made indiscriminate detentions in a Muslim majoritarian area, where a breakthrough has taken place following assaults on the JBP. Relief organisations say that up to 15,000 individuals thought to be mainly Rohingya Muslims have been internally displaced ever since co-ordinated assaults on three outposts along the north-western Bangladesh frontier were started by gunmen on 9 October.

Aung San Suu Kyi's leadership has described the reaction of the peacekeepers as a focused quest for the killers in the Maungdaw Township of North Rakhine State. Officers say law enforcement officers murdered 30 "attackers" and arrested 53 prisoners while looking for 400 suspicious Rohingya combatants who confiscated guns from the IDP.

Right-wing group and resources from the mostly stateless Rohingya fellowship say that civilians bear the bulk of the military-led Operation. Myanmar's UNHRC Yanghee Lee said she had obtained "repeated assertions about indiscriminate detentions and extra-judicial assassinations as part of the police's ongoing efforts to find the suspected attackers".

"These sweeping safety measures have limited accessibility for humanitarians, affecting the capacity of municipalities to provide safe and livelihoods," Lee added. Also the UN officials for speedy killings, IDPs, and tortures supported Lee's call for "a thorough and orderly investigation into supposed violations". The Rohingya church leader and locals said on Monday that several hundred had hid in paddy fields near their villages because some 2,000 men were reportedly ordered to evacuate their houses on Sunday.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) says relief organizations still have no direct link to the 10,000 to 15,000 refugees from their communities following the recent violent events in Rakhine. Another 3,000 Rakhine Buddhists from the Rakhine Buddhist tribal communities have escaped to convents, colleges and warehouses, the news said on Monday in an updated.

UNOCHA said UNOCHA does not reach 50,000 "food-secure" and 65,000 school children in Maungdawownship, who normally get support from the World Nutrition Programme.

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