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""There is no better place than Myanmar. The refugees said unanimously that they wanted Myanmar to give them their rights. Burma not secure for Rohingya returnees: Red Cross chief in charge

Chaakmarkul, Bangladesh: Red Cross chief on Sunday (July 1) said it was not certain to bring Rohingya escapees back to their houses in Myanmar, where he described whole communities that had been left and devastated. Maurer travelled to war-torn Myanmar's west before he visited fleeing camp over the Thai frontier in neighboring Bangladesh, where nearly one million Rohingya fled the war.

Most of the Muslims in Bangladesh who have been being pursued since August have been on the run from a massive attack by the Myanmar military in the restless Rakhine state, which the UN has compared to racial clean-up. On Monday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will make his first trip to the refugee camp since the arrival of almost 700,000 Rohingya triggered a humane crises in south-eastern Bangladesh.

UNO says Guterres, who met the Rohingya in Dhaka on Sunday with Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, will use the visit to examine perspectives for a "safe, volunteer and worthy return" of migrants to Myanmar. However, the aid organisations are warning that the Rakhine situation, which is strongly limited to the participation of world monitors, remains too uncertain to consider returning the Rohingya to Myanmar.

Maurer, chairman of the International Committee of the Red Cross, said much more was needed to remedy the Rakhine during a recent formal mission. "I do not think what I have seen in relation to the demolition of towns, the abandoning of life and market disturbances, livelihoods and the community is an excellent precondition for returning," Maurer said in an AFP statement in the Chakmarkul Refugee Camps.

Said they needed more for the surviving family in the huge tented towns of Bangladesh, where many would rather suffer than comeback. "Maurer said, "We must pave the way for the returnees. In November Bangladesh and Myanmar decided to begin the repatriation of the Rohingya, but the trial has come to a halt, with both sides blaming the other side for thwarting the efforts.

Rohingya are abhorred by many in Myanmar, where they were deprived of their nationality and illegals from Bangladesh were denounced, even though they called Rakhine their home country. While the UN says that the Rakhine situation is not ready for a secure, volunteer and worthy return, it has concluded an accord with Myanmar to evaluate the local situation so that the refuges can make an educated choice.

In early May, the UN Security Council paid a visit to Myanmar and the state of Rakhine and met with refuges who reported in detail on murders, rapes and torches of Myanmar's army's villages. Burma has strongly rejected claims by the US, the United Nations and other forms of ethnical persecution.

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