Myanmar new year 2017

New Year 2017 Myanmar

Burma celebrates the turn of the year water festival. New Year' Day 2019. Kayin, also known as the Karen, are a people of Myanmar, who make up about seven percent of the population. The people celebrate during the water festival in Yangon, Myanmar, on 14 April 2017. This festival also marks the new year of the country.

X-Mas & New Year 2017

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Kayin, also known as the Karen, are a tribe of Myanmar that makes up about seven per cent of the country's total crop. The most popular Myanmar vacation today: Please note: Kayin New Year will not take place in 2018. Approximately seven million of Myanmar's many communities are represented, making them the third-biggest. You live in Kayin State and have long had the right to build an autonomous state.

In 1948, when Burma became self-sufficient from Britain, they declined to enter into the Panglong Agreement, which made Burma a unique, reunited state. The Kayin New Year has been a Myanmar celebration since 2009, but has been held since 1938. Kayin New Year's date differs, as the Kayin use a moon calender.

New Year comes on the first of Pyatho, the end of the end of the rice crop. For the Kayin, New Year's Eve dates back to the beginning of their historical migrations from Mongolia to Myanmar over 2,700 years ago. Although they never had an autonomous statute, they have long wished for it and have maintained their unmistakable tradition over the years.

The Kayin New Year is a period in which the Kayin are celebrating this singular patrimony and promoting the conservation of their languages, literatures and other customs. Kayin New Year's Eve is traditionally eaten stewed, glutinous raw material to commemorate the new crop. Another is the organization of dance competitions in which Kayin dance and song are played.

They also see the banner of "Kawthoolei", the dreamy Kayin state. There will be a lot of Kayin New Year celebrations, especially in the capitol Kayin, Hpa An. Kayin banner is hoisted at daybreak in Hpa An, followed by dance, travel food, talks, awards ceremony for students and exhibitions on Kayin story.

Kayin New Year festivities in Hpa An sometimes last for a few nights. Kayin New Year is an ethnical celebration, but it is also a celebration throughout Myanmar. Buddhists and Kayin Christians watch the daily, and many visitors also take part in the festivities.

We will have many similar gatherings all over Kayin State for Kayin New Year. You' ll want your cameras and maybe you'd like to ask Kayin to poses for you so you can take some really interesting and unforgettable photos. The Kayin Don Dance is staged in many parts of Kayin State.

"Don " means "to be in agreement", and the dancing consists of a series of men and a series of ladies who move in sync with the accompaniment. Dancers are singing texts that represent the Kayin value and are proud of the Kayin Cultur. They should also look for the Kayin "Bamboo Dance".

" It is very similar to the Chinese style of dancing with embroidery, which also lives in Myanmar, but the Kayin style is much better known and loved throughout the national. There is a trellis on the floor and the dancing girls have to take fast strides in and out of the trellisections.

To learn the Kayin Bamboo Dancing, you need some practise in terms of time and pace. Kayin use this dancing for Christmas festivities, pagodas and religious gatherings, as well as Kayin New Years.

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