Myanmar new year 2016

New Year 2016 Myanmar

January 01, 01.01.2018-01-01 January 01, International New Year's Day. The Thingyan is a time to celebrate the opportunities of a new year. A Happy New Year 2016 in Myanmar!

Insights into Myanmar's New Year. Thingyan Festival's last day (Myanmar: A -Tet nae) is New Year's Eve in Myanmar.

Thingyane and New Year

I would like to extend my sincere greetings and desires on the Thingyan and New Year's Day on President Obama's and the US people's behalf. Do not hesitate to contact me. The Thingyan is a season to commemorate a new year. During the New Year and in the coming years, we look forward to support the Myanmar people's endeavours for a prosperous, peaceable and balanced world.

Last year saw historical changes in Myanmar, such as the investiture of President U Htin Kyaw on 30 March, a climax of the first ever triumphant and tranquil handover of powers to a democratic administration in more than 50 years. and the Myanmar authorities, who have worked and made sacrifices over many years to help the current process of democracy.

While Myanmar is celebrating this event, the United States warmly greets you and wish you a Happy New Year.

Insights into Myanmar's New Year

Burma is celebrating the New Year' s New Year. Ancestral, it is the most important feast in the whole country. Celebrations take place during the Thinkgyan by pouring or pouring over each other. The Myanmarites believe that Chingyan has the strength to eradicate the sin and misfortune of the past year and get ready to cleanse the New Year.

In Myanmar, the water event or the water event is the most singular, colorful and cheerful event. ThinkGyan usually takes place in the second April of the year (Myanmar calendars last four to five days). Tageu is the first of the Myanmar calendars. Each year the precise date of the event changes and the precise number of festivals is determined according to the Myanmar lunar tradition, which is derived from the movement of the star and lunar time.

Thingyan' s first name is A Kyo Nei. One Kyo means greeting the "Tha-Gyamin" and Nei means holidays. A Kya Nei is the second working full moon and means the dawn "Tha-gya-min" makes its way down from its heavenly whereabouts. Next is A Kyat Nei (in certain years there may be two successive days).

Thingyan' s last is A Tet Nei and it means Tha-gya-min back to heaven. Thingyan' s oldest documented story dates back to the thirteenth cent. At that time the waters were sprayed with sources of Eugenia (Thabyay Pan) from golden shells. The Eugenia Springfall is considered a triumphant plant in Myanmar.

On one occasion, the King of Bagan, Nara Thiha Pathae, ordered the King's Queens to pour a drop of hot spring on one of his women to saturate her. Given that the ceremony was new, few knew that tossing waters together is part of the ceremony. There are three ways for young audiences to party and experience the ThinkGyanfest.

Secondly, it is possible to sit at a pendulum at the roadside, especially near a lake, where there is good accessibility. Humans make pendant luminaires for casting or splashing with tubes on passers-by and automobiles. PeopIe's coming in to get wet.

Locals characterize thingyane in many ways. The long-awaited New Year's Eve comes after Thurgyan meetings. At New Year's Eve everyone does good things like going to convents, churches and couples and cleaning up. The young do good by swimming older adults, shampooing their traditional bean ( "acacia rugata") and rind and nail-cuts.

Elderly persons also come to and are respected and donate foods in various places that are known as satellithe. As a rule, they make free meals available to the participants of the New Year's festival. Characteristic time of year of the year is the gold leaf or floral of thangyan. The Thingyane is the icon of Canaan because it only blooms during the Thursday afternoons.

First rains in April begin during the Thurgyan Day and make Padauk blossom. Mote Lone Yay Paw (Sweet Floating Riceballs ) is the signature meal of Thinkyan. During the Thinyan Day we can see grocery offerings with the Lone Yay Paw mote. It' boiled by placing the scoops of raisins in a bowl of boiled liquid and taking them out of the bowl when they eventually appear.

You can see hand sugars in paddy-puffs. Eventually, some kids shove chilies into little biscuits of paddy instead of hand painted palmsugar to joking. One of Thingyan's most popular dishes is Mon Thingyan Reis (a water festival meal). The Thingyan Festival was mainly donated in Mon State.

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