Myanmar new year

New Year Myanmar

In these days the New Year celebrations are called Myanmar Traditional New Year, Myanmar Traditional Water Festival or simply Thingyan. People may misunderstand the water festival as the same as the New Year in Myanmar. Yangon's biggest New Year's countdown party is here! The New Year festival in Myanmar takes place after the Thingyan Water Festival. The Thingyan Festival is celebrated in Myanmar at the beginning of the New Year.

New Year' s Eve in Myanmar

heralding the New Year in a far-flung paradise on Myanmar's New Year's Eve will offer travellers something much more exciting than seeing a balloon fall. The Yangon is the place where most New Year' s Eve activity takes place. But if you want to leave the most bustling town in Myanmar for the holidays, why not sailing around the Mergui Archipelago isles?

Apart from limited budget options, New Year' s Eve offers like Elegant Myanmar Tours can be something new. One of the biggest New Year's Eve meetings in Myanmar takes place in Kandawgyi Park. Everywhere in Yangon you can see sparkling tufts of colour on New Year's Eve. L'Opera Italian Restaurant and Bar is known for its lavish New Year's Eve partys.

The Karoake is a privately owned room in Myanmar. The karaoke pubs like the music box in Yangon provide specially designed New Year' s Eve meals with beverages, meals and a little (or much) microphone work. Yangon's luxurious nightclubs, pubs, restaurants in Yangon, such as Sule Shangri-La and Sedona Hotel, include theme nights with lush New Year's Eve-countdown.

Spend a few relaxing nights on one of Myanmar's beautiful shores to get the New Year off to a good and relaxing start. In Yangon you can celebrate in class. Are you looking for something new year' s eve? Locate the next page and ring with a new year' s ring.

Clocks are a big deal in Myanmar. Decembers and January are two of the busy tourist seasons in Myanmar. New Year' s Eve ball locations are filling up quickly. Ensure bookings for specific meal times, parties and hotel bookings are made well in advance to get the most out of your New Year's Eve stay in Myanmar.

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