Myanmar new Video 2016

New Myanmar Video 2016

New Myanmar Song 2016 ("Best Friends"). Living in the new Myanmar by diving for scrap in the murky Yangon River. Spectator Chi Wing Cheung travels through Myanmar. First Myanmar coffee speciality tasting. With the demand for premium coffee growing, small farmers may need to switch to a new set of best practices.

Myanmar video on YouTube reminiscences becomes virus-free

One YouTube video that quickly becomes virtual shows the most remarkable things about Yangon from the perspective of a former Yangon inhabitant, which includes the large number of straying animals, men in Longyi's, common blackouts and the size of the Shwedagon pagoda. This video entitled "5 Culture Shock in Myanmar" was seen by Hannah Lim, a young up and coming female actor and model from Korea who spent 20 month in Myanmar while working on a career in the field of medicine, just one full days after its release by almost 10,000 viewers.

Since then, the video has been sharing by other favorite YouTube sites and online community members, increasing the number of videos viewed to over 200,000, Lim said. Lim, who is speaking English, Korean and Myanmar in the video, was criticized on her Facebook page for "some of the facts she mentions are not cultural", but she pointed out that the video was from a foreigner's view.

There are five issues addressed in the video: "On a main road like the Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, tonnes of vehicles come from both sides. 2 ) Mains failure. "I had my first blackout (in Myanmar) when I was in a commercial center. There are blackouts in Korea that are not normal.

3 ) Longgyi. "I knew that Myanmar wives carried Longgyi, but I was amazed that men carried Longgyi. Once an older man came up to me and began to solve his long-gyi. 5 ) Shwedagon Necklace. Early in the mornings on my last anniversary in 2017 I went to the pit to worship, and there were already so many persons (there).

Currently in drama college and modeling, she is planning a trip to Myanmar to graduate a mate. "Thet Mhu Lwin, Swe Zin Aye and Pyi Thein Kyaw, they saved my life. Thet Mhu Lwin, one of these buddies, saw the precision of Lim's video when he saw it on her computer.

"Thet Mhu Lwin on Lim's Facebook page noted.

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