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The Facebook Free Basics program ended last year in Myanmar. Delhi denies Indian media reports of Myanmar border incursions. There are five reasons why Thailand could be a new global destination for start-ups. Yangon, Burma. The Rohingya Muslim refugees are fleeing ethnic cleansing in Myanmar.

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Rahim Muddinn observed for four whole working hours, astonished as the state papers of Myanmar released inserts showing Rohingya Muslims who have been charged with being almost 250 photographs of every single night. It hit at a low level at a depth of 10 km (six miles) about 40 km (24 miles) western of the city of Phyu and 176 km (110 miles) northeast of Yangon.

Mr Rakhine was thrown into conflict last August after a string of clan-based roundups that murdered at least a decade of officers triggered a violent bombing that sent some 650,000 Rohingya Muslims to Bangladesh.

May 2 Myanmar Morning News

Myanmar's UN humanitarian affairs specialist has sounded the alert about a deadly increase in fighting in the country's Kachin state and warned that civilian lives were lost and driven out in the government's recent blast. Myanmar's last imperial capitol is home to the most scholarly Buddhist friars and fine artisans, the most sophisticated people of Burma and chefs who have made the best curry in the state.

Burma must conduct a "proper investigation" of allegations of cruelty to the Rohingya, a UN Security Council ambassador said on Tuesday (May 1) after the highest levels of diplomacy in an area where 700,000 members of the Islamic minorities have been expelled. Myanmar's army has promised the United Nations "tough" measures against sex offenders, the state press said on Tuesday (May 1), when UN officials traveled to the state of Rakhine, where the army carried out a widely criticized beating.

Myanmar's military leader refused his troops rapes and other forms of sex assault during a raid he ordered against Rohingya Muslims when he spoke to UN Security Council representatives in the country's capitol Naypyidaw. According to Tuesday's fire department, three persons, one of them a women, were murdered in a Myanmar Shan state automobile accident and 24 others were wounded.

Policy reform, a burgeoning economies and the accelerated introduction of electronic commerce are taking once-insular Myanmar out of the hay. On 29 April, a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) delegation paid a visit to the Bengali migrants in the Myanmar-Bangladesh area. Much of the world's focus since last August has been on Myanmar's Rakhine State.

Myanmar Agricultural Development Bank (MADB) will begin paying out credits on an individuel base and move away from the present group-based credit system," said Daw Khin Nan Myint, MADB' s Vice General Director. The Kachin Independence Army (KIA) Information and News Incharge Col. Naw Bu said that Tatmadaw (Myanmar Army) and Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) fought in four Kachin cities and the armed conflict between the two forces remained strained.

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