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DescriptionMyanmar Music Store is now free on your mobile phone. Explore unique music from Myanmar. Latest tweets from Myanmar Music Art (@myanmarmusicart): Copy thachin" or "copy song" is a genre that permeates the popular music scene in Myanmar. " His music is different from mine, but I respect Ko Toe Gyi (Khin Maung Toe) as a legendary singer.

Myanmars Yangon Wild Animals Music Festivals - Xinhua

YANGON, March 24 (Xinhua) -- The first " Voice for Gamelife " music event will take place in April in Myanmar Yangon, the Global New Light of Myanmar said on Saturday. Mahabandoola Park in Yangon, organised by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Danish Embassy in Myanmar, will be hosting the music event on 7 April.

This musical concerto is aimed at sharing the consciousness of the general population for the eradication of the wild animal business, the greatest challenge in the state and in other states. Meanwhile, in November last year, WWF-Myanmar started an elephant-oriented anti-marketeering drive under the name "Voices for Momos", a kind word for bulls in the state.

The Myanmar authorities have also envisaged closing at least 20 illicit wild animal trading malls in the Golden Triangle with the help of nature protection groups by 2020. The Golden Triangle area between Myanmar, Thailand and Laos is home to wild animals such as tiger, elephant, rhino, serov, helmhorned bird, gaure, leopard and tortoise.

Burma has also ratified the CITES ( "International Trade in Endangered Species") agreement for the protection of 9,205 sq. m. for protected area. Numerous NGOs, both locally and internationally, are working to increase the area of the country's nature area.

Festivals, Music & Recreation in Myanmar (Burma)

Burma is a country with many festivities that take place throughout the year and are often a tribute to nature (traditional Myanmar spirits). While some are large and national, others are small and small and are all a great way to get to know the pulsating lives and cultures of Myanmar.

There are annual celebrations in almost all the main places in the land - visit our Myanmar festive schedule for a listing of the most important events, both locally and nationally. For more information on each of the destinations and a listing of Myanmar holiday destinations, click here.

Largest, hippest and most popular nationwide event is the Thingyan is the Thingyan Waters Fest, which is held in mid-April (one of the warmest months of the year), lasting several nights and culminating in New Year's Day in Myanmar. Most believers may be spending this period in convents, but most are spending the weeks dances, drinks, playing music, and watering.

Sensible travelers should be alerted that the event can be quite gushing, and is definitely best to avoid if you don't really want to get very soaked! As Thingyan is the largest celebration of the year, the shops are closed and the roads are bordered with platforms where natives are standing and spraying hose of fresh air on everything and everyone that wears by.

During all the festivals nights, these theatres are used for dance and music shows; the local people begin to celebrate early in the morning, so that it gets calmer at nightfall. Thingyan in its liveliest form, the largest towns - Yangonand Mandalay - are the best places to do so.

However, be cautioned that traveling at the beginning and end of Thingyan can be very challenging as individuals return to their hometowns to party in masses. You can find a schedule of Myanmar's national and international festivals here. If you would like to contact one of our tour consultants about Myanmar festival trips, please fill out this contact sheet.

In Myanmar, music is generally melodic and without harmonies; to the West it can sometimes be hard (and loud), with repeat playing an important role. The music is an important part of most of the songs (more information below).

Beyond conventional music, the music of the West such as folk, jazz, pop, skirt and hip-hop is particularly loved by younger musicans. There' s a burgeoning music world in Yangon, with some of the most critically acclaimed music. In Myanmar, this means that you often find music video that is loud ly and repeatedly on coaches!

Myanmar's tradition of entertaining is in the shape of twe, often associated with dances and colorful outfits. Some of these routine reminds of old legend, others of religion, but the most popular is a-nyeint (sometimes spelled anyeint), which combines music, clapstick drama and light-hearted offenses to the people. There is a wide range of humor and it may differ from what most people in the West have seen - and for this alone a-nyeint shows are definitely warranted.

Many Myanmar a-nyeint actors, but the most popular are the Moustache Brothers in Mandalay and Zarganar; comics who have taken advantage of their shows as prisoner of conscience to ridicule and defy the former (and to a certain degree current) warfare. The puppet theater, known as Yokhte (sometimes Youq-the) is another much appreciated theater in Myanmar.

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