Myanmar new Movie 2016

New Myanmar movie 2016

Nay Toe & Shwe Hmone Yati True Love Trailer. The Myanmar Get Lost (TV Movie 2016): actors, actors, directors, authors and more. This annual festival, which shows classical films from Myanmar and around the world, aims to bring a new generation closer to the love of classical film. Aung Nandar 04 Nov 2016. Oscars for 10 films from 2016.

This is Twilight Over Burma: Burmese sensors pulling movie from the event

The Twilight Over Burma, the relation between a Shan princess and an Australian, was deducted from the opening evening on Tuesday. Notwithstanding Myanmar's civil rule, the military still exerts great clout. The organizers say they were also informed that the movie was considered by the sensors to be harmful to the military's reputation.

In recent years, Myanmar (also known as Burma ) has abolished press censure as part of a range of democracy reform measures, but movies still have to be sanctioned by the authorities. This is part of Myanmar's Ministry of Information, but its decision does not require the minister's consent.

Inge Eberhard (now Sargent), an Australian girl who has fallen in Love and marries a Myanmar princ. Aung San Suu Kyi's head of the film, Mon Mon Mon Mon Myat, said the ruling showed that the new administration is "new vine, but in the old bottles" - an indication of the limitations of the Aung San Suu Kyi-led government's clout.

One of Suu Kyi's spokespersons, Zaw Htay, informed the BBC that he knew nothing about the affair and sent us to the Information Secretary, who did not pick up his telephone. The organizers of the event say they believe that Secretary Pe Myint has tried to have his ruling reviewed by the Classification Committee without success.

We really need to work together," explains Open Door's Lab participants.

The Open Door Lab of the Filmfestival of Location brings together manufacturers from Southeast Asia, who are trained and individually supervised by experts from the industrial sector. One of the directors of this year's issue was Thu Thu Shein, a leading figure in Myanmar's independence filming. Shein is also a filmmaker and cutter and is no unknown person around the Yangon International Filmfestival, where he has established an important shortfilmfestival.

Since 2005 I have been making documentaries, two of them as a producer and worked as a cameraman and cutter for other movie productions. Fortunately, a movie workshops took place in Myanmar in 2006, organised by the FAMU (Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague).

Another group named Yangon Movie School, an organisation located in Germany. So what was it that motivated you to co-found a Wathann Filmfestival? But there'?s no place for my buddies to show them. That' s why we chose a Myanmar movie fest to show independant movies.

Luckily I got a grant to spend four years studying in FAMU, so I ran home every recess and organized a party. So I traveled to movie fairs, and I learnt about them, and then did a movie fest in Yangon in 2011. Do you help the filmmaker make the switch from brief documentaries to longer feature films?

I' m familiar with many young directors who work on brief documents and even cinematics. It was two years ago that it was the right moment to extend to theatricals. We are now working on three screenplays, two fictions and a full-length portrait of people. Cause we don't have any bloody creatives in our movie business.

As a Myanmar based manufacturer, what would you say is the most difficult manufacturing problem for you? We organise a screenplay and film workshops as a group. We have already released two of FAMU's publications. After translating his work into Burmese, we gave it to independents who wanted to study screenwriting.

One has to work with film[at FAMU], but in Myanmar one has worked with it. Or is there no movie in Myanmar? We were really fortunate to be shooting on movie during our FAMU schooldays. We don't use footage at Yangon.

It' costly to get footage and stop development. There is no way back to the footage, we will make the movies digitally. While you start helping some of these producers and producers, we are eager to see what the Myanmar moviescape is like.

When my boyfriend is working on a screenplay, we're all working on his movie. And when it is done, he'll help me make my movies. Otherwise, if I end a movie and don't have the other folks, it will. There' s gonna be a void, there won't be any other movies.

Talk about certain moviemakers we should keep an eye on when it comes to Myanmar movies. Maw Naing, he made his first full-length full-length movie, which was shown here in the Open Doors section. He' one of the FAMU schoolchildren. Some other documentaries that have begun to work on their full-length documentaries and fiction:

Deadaewe is a really powerful documentarist. I produced her NHK TV feature this year. He' s working on his feature screenplay with Aung Min.

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