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Type in your location to see what cinemas are playing in Myanmar: Some new voices / New visions in your area. FX prosthesis has been used in foreign films for decades, but is new in Myanmar. The film festival was officially opened on Saturday evening at Nay Pyi Taw Cinema in Myanmar's Yangon. New Year' s Day in Calcutta, India.

The new regulations are another setback for Myanmar's stunted film business.

They may not have known about it, but movie censure was reinstated in Myanmar on December 1. Might it be true that the U Thein Sein administration, which says it is moving towards democratisation and has pledged to give greater freedom and freedom, has re-introduced this? Who' s on the Committee of Censors? If there are no limitations for the media, why does the movie business remain censored?

Who do they think they are in the business? Following the abolition of the former Motion Picture and Video Censor Board, the regime granted the film making community liberty. The majority of viewers are agreed that the overall quality of film in Myanmar has fallen. That is why the German authorities are trying to restrict the sector again.

She has rebuilt a staff of censors, but under a tastier name: the Movie Standards Evaluation Group. The group was founded two years ago and consists of Myanmar Motion Picture Promotion Department officers from the Ministry of Information, the Myanmar Motion Picture Organization, the Ministry of the Interior, the Prosecutor General's Office, the Myanmar Music Association and the Myanmar Writers Association.

s censors said filmmakers are now being called upon to have their indices exploited before filming. When the members of the group oppose a part of the movie, no permission will be given to make the movie. He added that the crew has the right to change parts of the screenplay, and those who do not accept the changes will not be allowed to make the movie.

In fact, the Ministry of Information tried a similar ploy to oppress the mass communication industries. In 2013, the then Minister of Information, U Aung Kyi, silently presented the law on printing and publishing companies to Congress without notifying anyone in the journalistic world. Kyrgyzstan has said to the House that periodicals, newsletters and papers are out of hand and have abused free speech to post photographs that are unsuitable for Myanmar's people.

It begged the delegates to agree to the bill, since the branch is now ruled by "yellow journalism". Indeed, ministerial officers would be magistrates. Finally, they have conquered the government's attempts to re-introduce censure in the printing sector. Myanmar's journalists had to face a number of challenge after the regime removed the panel.

There are unparalleled levels of journalistic activity in the majorstream, to the point where it can really bring to justice civil servants from the administration, legislature and judge. Most in the sector have opposed this in the case of movie theatres. Among them are the former Myanmar Motion Picture Organization Chairman Zin Wyne, the renowned stage designer Wyne, the screenwriter Nay Naw and the young stage designer Kyi Phyu Shin.

Unfortunately, this could - perhaps should - be a period of the heyday of the movie business. Myanmar's murky contemporary story provides abundant resource materials for moviemakers to use for idea and inspirational purposes. When Myanmar's directors have high aspirations, they could make beautiful films that are recognized at home and abroad.

But none of the tales I just mention will ever be recounted - in fact there will never be a great movie - while civil servants have the task of grading screens. There will only be a further drop in the standard in the sector.

Every dynamic that has developed in the few years since the abolition of censure is wasted. Filmmakers, like authors and reporters, must resist this repression and defend their laws and liberties so that they can at last make high-quality movies of which Myanmar can be proud.

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