Myanmar new Ministers

Burma new ministers

She is now waiting for the approval of the new representative of the Ministry of Construction. Burma appoints three Christians as regional ministers. And Govt appoints new chairman, exco in scandal hit SSER. Suu Kyi will, as a result, control the parliament that will appoint the new president. In a few days, Sanjay Pulipaka Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Myanmar.

MYANMAR' s House agrees to the establishment of two new government departments - Xinhua

NAS PYI TAW, November 23 (Xinhua) -- The Myanmar government on Thursday authorized the establishment of two new government departments. These two new government departments are the Ministry for the Government of the European Community and the Ministry for International Cooperation. United Thaung Tun, NSA and U Kyaw Tin, Secretary of State for External Relations, are nominated as Trade Unions Ministers for both departments.

According to a declaration the new departments will be responsible for effective implementation of administration, planning and financial matters and cooperation with non-governmental organisations. There are currently 22 departments during the term of office of the current administration. It has also agreed to the reforms of the anti-corruption commission.

strong>November 23, 2017

The following people have been nominated Ministers of the Ministries of the Union in accordance with the terms of Art. 232 of the Constitution of the Republic of Myanmar and Art. 12 of the Government Act of the Union. Mr U Thaung Tun, who has been named Union Minister at the Ministry of the Government of the Union, holds a Master's in International Public Policy (MIPP).

An ambassador in retirement in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he is currently working as national security adviser to the Union government. Mr Kyaw Tin, who has been named Union Minister of the Ministry of International Cooperation, has an M.Sc. in Mathematics and a post-graduate degree in Environmental Management.

He is currently Minister of State for Foreign Affairs in the Foreign Ministry.

The NLD Cabinet begins transformation

This year' s first transformation of the Union government's cabinets took place on Monday following the resignation of ministers of state and region at the beginning of the current year. President U Htin Kyaw U Han Zaw suggested Tuesday as building secretary in the Union's parliament and the legislature will have one weeks to adopt or overrule it.

Mr. U Han Zaw, 72, a qualified engineering graduate, was a member of the Myanmar Engineering Council (MEC) Governing Board, a Union-level regulator and legislative body established in 2014. From 2008-10 he was chairman of the Myanmar Engineering Society. Previously, he was General Manager of the Ministry of Construction under the army regim.

The NLD government currently heads 23 ministers with 21 ministers and 15 vice ministers after 22 month in office. She is now waiting for the consent of the new representative of the Ministry of Construction. On Monday, a Presidential order states that U Wín Khaing, the Union Secretary for Construction and Electricity and Energy, will assume sole authority over the Ministry of Electricity and Energy.

At the same time, the US General Assembly nominated former journalists U Aung Hla Tun as Vice Information Secretary. Of the 23 departments of the federal ministry, nine have no vice ministers, while the Ministry of Planning and Finance houses two of them. Under the leadership of the National League for Democracy, the ministry began with 19 ministers for 21 departments at the beginning of its administrative functions in order to cut public spending.

There was only one vice secretary for the Department of Defense. It had 96 ministers and vice-ministers for a grand totality of 36 departments under the management of former President Thein Sein. The State Council Office was established in May 2016 and then there were 20 ministers for 22 departments. There were eight ministers at that time:

Trade, Council of State, border issues, finance and planning, foreign affairs, home affairs, presidential office and transport and communication. Its last expansion took place in November 2017, when the NLD established the Ministry of Government of the Union.

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