Myanmar new Light Newspaper

New light Myanmar newspaper

I bought "Myanmar's new light, then the title of this newspaper" from a normal postman three years ago. The New Light Hotel is located in Taunggyi and offers free WiFi. Yanukovych said the state newspaper The Global New Light of Myanmar. In the news. of Myanmar.

Myanmar's global new light - ?

?? ? 2 ? ? 252? When I read the Global New Light of Myanmar, I can know what is going on at home and abroad. It' also helping me to learn English better. Do you know the sounds of those who work under the sun, the salesmen, the elderly, the ill and the infants? do you know that most of them cannot live their lives free from the warm?

I bought "Myanmar's new lamp, then the cover of this newspaper" from a normal mailman three years ago. I got such a strong impulse from the newspapers that I could sign up for them every month. But it was n...othing an interesting piece by my most distinguished writer of the magazine, Mg Hlaing, known as Mg Swe Nge.

It gave me the power and incentive to sign up for the paper on a regular basis. I was also pleased and emboldened by the high standards of writing in the Perspektive section and interesting comment. Admittedly, I cannot say everything I have learnt from the trustworthy and prestigious Newspapers.

Finally, I would suggest that those who wish to speak English should sign up for it on a regular basis. This is the glim of the paper, that you can learn English every day. It' because they tell falsehood with unashamed before the UN who have burned homes - guiltless souls?

Global is very useful to us. Super-bly large papers in Myanmar where you can find exact information about Myanmar's change. Global New Light of Myanmar, which must find all the messages from Myanmar.

Myanmar's global new light

Increased immunization against entcephalitis would be given to Rakhine State kids from January to protect them from the paralyzing and fatal illness, said U Nyi Pu, Chief Minister of Rakhine State Government. At the announcement of the massive immunization program, which took place in the Rakhine state government office conference room last night, he said: "Encephalitis is an contagious virus infestation, mostly spreading through mosquitos, and such cases were found mainly in the state of Rakhine.

Transportation of fresh waters along the Chindwin River in the Sagaing region is resuming today after nine floods shut it down for nine whole orchestrations. "Watercrafts, freighters and passengerships, will return to Monywa from the Hkamti, Homalin and Nant Taw townships in the top of the Chindwin River from 24 August.

The up-stream transport of Monywa to other top areas will be resumed on August 25," said an official of the Monywa City Shipping Comitee. The assistance was distributed on Tuesday by a philanthropical organization to tsunami relief workers who were displaced due to the increasing flooding in Khamti as the Chindwin River burst its banks. As a result, they were displaced from their houses.

Q. I would ask you to outline what is in the Commission's progress review of the Rakhine project, and how it will be possible to develop Rakhine, which includes the poor and poor north of Rakhine.

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