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You can read the full article today in the newspaper Global New Light of Myanmar.

Myanmar reform has given a new face to a muzzle of the Burmese military dictators.

Now that the regime has left and a reform-oriented regime is in place, the spokesman has a new face. "You can ask me! It is the only English-language newspaper in the world. Since taking office last year, Myanmar's quasi-civilian regime has abolished censure and thus strengthened an already lively newspaper world.

The long-drawn New Light fights with the emerging contest for relevancy and reader. At last, a monochrome newspaper known for letting its reader behind with ink-coloured fingertips is experimented with inks. The New Light and its Myanma Alin and Kyemon will be published in color by mid-December.

This revision is part of an aggressive agenda to renew Myanmar's lackluster state TV and printed press with a government buy. New Light has few ressources, no journalists and an agency 40 minutes away from the already insulated capitol Naypyitaw. Today, the newspaper could be like a student's paper supervised by eccentric people - in a single area.

In the past, under the regime, it was boring and malicious. In the midst of worldwide indignation, the regime returned Suu Kyi to home detention and released her only in November 2010. The newspaper also plays a "unique role" in providing the rest of the rest of the world with information about Myanmar's transition. A few tales in the new look of the New Light are paralyzingly paralyzing ("Lost airconditioner found in Paddy Field").

However, the newspaper is providing an increasing amount of information on a once insulated and rapidly changing country. Fatal traffic fatalities, a by-product of recent increases in auto import, and common tales of narcotics busting as Myanmar fights to contain a local methamphetamines outbreak. The former regime, which liked to praise the peaceful ness and steadfastness of its regime, was off-limits to them.

This newspaper also translated the reports from Myanmar's unexpectedly lively legislature. Instead, they are sitting and translating reports from Myanma Alin, Kyemon and the Myanmar News Agency, whose bureaus are on the same premises. New Light has its extensive site subject to stringent zoneation regulations that ban plants - even press lines - from the citycenter.

Naypyitaw was completely under the former regime and is already five hours by car south of the trading capitol Yangon. It is planned to move the new room nearer to Naypyitaw and to reopen the newsrooms in Yangon. Government papers must duty-boundly cover the movement of top official. As Myanmar was a precarious country, its army leader did not make much of a journey and their movement was limited by foreign visas restrictions.

However, Myanmar's Protestant leader Thein Sein is a world traveller, and the newspaper must report on his recent travels to China, the United States and South Korea. Recently, the US presidential leader joined the news of Suu Kyi's September visit to the United States, which was followed with pride by Myanmar's state press, another old-fashioned group.

The newspaper prints a grand total of 13,000 issues a week, and with color pages that attract new advertising customers, it is hoping to become independent in financial terms one of these days.

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