Myanmar new Government Ministers

Burma new government ministers

He was the first minister to be investigated for corruption under the new government. Myanmar's new government, also known as Burma. Myanmar State Council is the de facto head of government of Myanmar. Many other ministers in the new government, meanwhile, seem to be unimpressive. Kabinett - Parliamentary State Secretaries - Ministerial Mandate Letters - Learn more.

Who is who: Myanmar's new government

Have a look at the new government of the National League for Democracy with inside job descriptions of the party's 18 statesmen: the National League for Democracy: Kawhmu's only wife, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, won the Pyithu Hluttaw headquarters in November. U Aung Thu, a former principal of Yangon University, was a government official for several dozen years before he retired in August last year to challenge the elections.

for Yangon's Lathahood. Mr. H. has worked at several colleges throughout Myanmar, among them a professorship in math at Taungoo University. He led Yangon University to strengthen its collaboration with major global education facilities and expand its education. U Thant Zin Maung, former General Director of Myanmar Railways, has a Masters of Science diploma in Maths from Yangon University.

In addition, he was a professor at the college before he joined the state railway company. Recently, in November 2015, he won a headquarters in the Pyithu Hluttaw for the NLD in his homepit. Thura U Aung Ko was promoted under the NLD to a pensioned army official and former vice secretary for religion until he took part in the 2010 elections.

For a short time he was also Vice Secretary of the now deceased Ministry of Sciences and Technology. U Ohn Win is currently a member of the Myanmar Institute for Integrated Development Council, a non-profit association, and his references include a professorship at the University of Forestry, Yezin. A graduate of Colorado State University in the United States, he holds a M. Sc. in Water Shedding from Colorado State University and specializes in waterlogy, land protection, mitigation and bio-diversity protection.

After 11 years, U Pe Myint, a former medical practitioner at the Institute of Medicine, switched his career and trained as a reporter at the Indochina Media Memorial Foundation in Bangkok. In 1998 he took part in the International Writing Program of the University of Iowa and was also editor-in-chief of the People's Age Journal.

He was a Secretary of Traffic under army rule. Then he fought and won a domicile in Pyithu Hluttaw in Ann Citieship, Rakhine State. U Win Khaing, a trained engineering graduate, is a member of the Myanmar Investment Commission and the founding chairman of United Engineering Group, an international petroleum, natural-gas, and logistic group.

After graduating from the Rangoon Institute of Technology, he joins Myanmar Oil and Gass Enterprises in 1976 before moving to the USSR in 1981 for education. In 2011 he was appointed Chairman of the Myanmar Engineering Society and is a member of the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organizations.

He headed a Mon anti-governmental organization in 1988 and was co-founder and vice-chairman of the Mon Democratic Party, which stood for a place in the 1990 elections in Maylamyine. He has since evolved a wide range of interests, among them caoutchouc, fish products, fish products, foods export and hotel products. It is Dr. Myint Htwe's second term of office at the Ministry of Health, where he worked for 17 years before joining the World Health Organization in 1994.

Mr. H. H. has served in various roles, among others as Head of Programme Leadership and WHO Representative until his retirement in 2010. After his resume, he graduated from the Institute of Medicine 1 and earned a Masters in Social Sciences from the Institute of Social Sciences, University of the Philippines and a PhD in Social Sciences from Johns Hopkins University in the USA.

A member of the Myanmar Academy of Medical Science and Deputy Chairman of the Liver Foundation. Mr. Kay has a bachelor's degree in business administration from Yangon University and a master's degree and a Ph. D. from Pacific Western University in the United States, according to a candidate presentation program presented by the United States. Last year he won a headquarters in Hlaing Tharyar, where he works in a group offering a free rescue team.

As a trained pediatrician he is called a pensioned pediatrician and pediatrician. In the course of his professional life, he ministered throughout the entire land, in Yangon, Magwe and Sagaing among others. The last stop was Magwe Medical University, from which he left in June 2015. Gained a headquarters of Amyotha Hluttaw in Bago, where he was raised, at last year's elections.

A Laputta native in 1948, his resume proposes that he earned a bachelor's degree in economic science from Yangon University and a master's degree in commercial consultancy and a doctorate from Brooklyn Park University. He won a Pyithu Hluttaw office in the Dagon Seikkan Town Hall in the 2015 elections.

In the 1990 elections, a headquarters was challenged and, like so many of his fellow Members, sent to Insein Prison the following year. Over the following few years, he founded a number of prestigious properties, among them the Inle Princess Resort. U Myo Thein Gyi, General Manager of the Department of Basic and Higher Training, was previously also responsible for the Department of Basic and Higher Schools.

In the past year, the Comprehensive Sector Reforms taskforce was part of the process of drawing up the disputed educational legislation that triggered disputed protest in the Yangon and Bago regions. Thein Gyi was one of two later members of the ministry after the Ministry of Culture was initially appointed together with three other departments to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

It was another last-minute entry into the National League for Democracy government office because the new Ministry of Electricity, which emerged from the merger of the Ministries of Energy and Electricity, was initially allocated to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the group. Acting Defense Secretary who succeeded U Wai Lwin when he stepped down for reelection last year.

Lt Gen Sein Win has been a leader in scientific and technical excellence since his youth, according to the Tagaung Institutes of Political Studies. Graduate of the Defence Services Academy, lot 22 and later director of the school. As a former chief of military security, he was also Secretary of State for Borders.

Tagaung said he was closely associated with Thura U Shwe Mann in the past, but is now a trusted figure for the commander-in-chief, General Min Aung Hlaing. For the Minsitries of Education and Electricity, initially allocated to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, this paper has been revised to consider the additions of two ministers.

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