Myanmar new Government

Burma's new government

Mister Htay said the arrests were "not because of Reuter's news. A new government, new anxieties for journalists in Myanmar However, when I look at the case of the two Reuters journalists detained in Yangon in December, I am concerned about my safety. A number of my boyfriends have asked me if the constitutional state in Myanmar has greatly enhanced since the NLD took over in early 2016. I have learnt from my own case that prosecution still favours the military.

I and my two Burmese colleagues from the D-Voice were the casualties of an unlawful detention. Magistrate only asked the men who made our collar. Then why did the military apprehend me? Reuters' two journalists, Ko Wa Lone and Ko Kyaw Soe Oo, also did their job - they investigated the murder of Rohingya civilists by military personnel - and did not break any Law.

In November 2012 I came back to Myanmar. Other self-proclaimed reporters were returning to the state at about the same timeframe, all with high hopes of the regime, which had only just opened itself up to the rest of the planet after centuries of war. President Thein Sein then called on those of us in our own exiles to come back and the media called the forth pole of his own democracy reforms programme.

However, we all asked ourselves whether the military, the administration and the general opinion of the media was the same. A lot of supporters of the NLD and State Councillor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi fired the journalist as a troublemaker when we criticised her. The new semicivilian administration of the land still gives a very small vote to reporters.

I' ve never had any trouble with the military during the war. We were talking like buddies when I saw a soldier in North Shan. It was only after the NLD came to power that I was imprisoned, and I wonder why I had never been before. Constitutional law gives the Armed Forces a lot of strength.

They can' t tell the Armed Forces what to do so that they can do what they want. They do not want the National Liberation Front to be recognised for the overhaul. So, the military has us in custody to show that it still has clout. There is no way the military can detain a journalist who works for the nation in a democracy.

So, I thought the military couldn't take me for my work. However, when the military arrested me, it was only because I visited a rebel-controlled area and met insurgent chiefs, all as part of my work. I' ve learnt that in Myanmar, the rule of law is in the Armed Forces' power.

If we' re a reporter, we' re like pisces in a lake, and the military can capture us whenever they want. People who believe in democracies believe in speaking the true facts; the Armed Forces do not. I' ve been making sure my phone's been tapped ever since I was arrested. When you ask me if I am feeling secure as a reporter under this administration, I would say - not yet.

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