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Burma's new government

Myanmar farmer distributes fertilizer by hand on a rice field in Naypyitaw, Myanmar. The SEA process is new to Myanmar and we are committed to setting the bar high for future studies. Nevertheless, Huntington's ideas are relevant to Myanmar today as the country approaches the end of its first five-year term as a civilian-military government. The atrocities committed in Myanmar require new sanctions. Burma govt Latest Breaking News, pictures, videos and special reports from The Economic Times.

Myanmar: Myanmar's governments launch new aid streamlining policies

As part of the government's policy on foreign policy, the DAP is aimed at directing the resources provided by multinational organizations more efficiently and in a more transparent manner to where they are needed. Myanmar has over the years benefited from millions in humanitarian and humanitarian relief and support from multinational partners, the United Nations and other non-governmental organizations that have helped its economy.

But it lacked an adequate disbursement mechanism. The DAP, unveiled last weeks, aims to make sure that aid is always used in a way that speeds up the country's economic growth and helps to implement Myanmar's economic policies.

Any aid to Myanmar will also be clearly consistent with one or more of the United Nations objectives for sustainable use. "The realisation of the Myanmar Union's overall plan for the future requires the mobilization and co-ordination of a series of financing for aid to developing countries, which, if used well, have the capacity to make a significant and sustainable impact on the state', said U Kyaw Win, Trade Unions Secretary of the Ministry of Planning and Finances.

As part of the new policies, a frame has been created for the provision of aid. DAP is run by the DACU under the chairmanship of State Councillor Daw Aung Sun Suu Kyi. In the meantime, the authorities will further tighten the transposition by setting up ten sectoral co-ordination groups to make it easier to use aid effectively in specific areas such as farming, training, energy, health, food, job generation, employment, social security and disasters, transportation, information and communication technologies and the environment. These groups will be set up in order to help the Commission to improve the effectiveness of its work.

"Myanmar is a beneficiary of a great deal of donors' aid, so it is very important that the schemes are co-ordinated and in line with overall economic policies," said Dr Sean Turnell, Special Economic Advisor to the State Council. "This is a good idea because it serves the sustained growth of the state.

However, the Myanmar Times, U Hla Thein, Central Executive Committee of Union Solidarity and Development Party, said.

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