Myanmar new Girl

New Myanmar girl

A new crisis is now emerging: A young girl standing at the door of a Burmese temple wears traditional facial cosmetics painted as Thanaka in the form of a leaf. The Pakistani singer Atif Aslam stops the show to save the troubled girl. She' s younger than jasminara, said the older girl when she sobbed inconsolably. Your mother had two devastating news for you:

Barmaid suspected murderer Preaw on the run in Myanmar, wasteful life on Facebook (PHOTOS)

Their Facebook page unveils past pictures of trips to Singapore and China, the buying of luxuries from YSL, Fendi and Gucci and many pictures of her with a lot of money. It' known that the unsub traversed the Myanmar frontier the same night that Warisara's corpse was found.

Preaw is now believed to be hidden in a secluded part of Myanmar under the control of guerilla control, a Lahu military unit known as Red Wa, which is seldom entered by the local population. They are also part of the drugs trafficking. It has been said that she is a small trafficker, but she may have had more to do with the world drugs business than expected.

It is said that Preaw murdered Varisara because the young lady was sharing information about drugs trafficking with the local cops, who ended up in prison. She is known to have traversed the Myanmar frontier the same night that Warisara's corpse - and Preaw's spouse - was found in prison. Theorizing that the killing of the bartender was vengeance by cross-border drugs traffickers and that Preaw could act on their orders because they knew they would block her out later.

Warisara' s was found by village people last Thursday. She had her corpse chopped into chunks and placed in rubbish sacks and containers before being laid to rest in a flat tomb in Khao Suan Kwang County. At the time of the assassination, Kawita Rachada, 26, Apiwan Satayabundit, 28, Wasin Namprom, 22, and Jidarat Promkun, 21, were also believed to be in the vehicle in which the crime took place.

These other two girls are said to be in Myanmar with Preaw. Preaw's brothers and husbands are also engaged in trafficking and mobs. You also found that Preaw's name appeared in criminal files tracking down suspected narcotics offenders. Myanmar continues to look for the three wives.

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