Myanmar new Flag

New Myanmar flag

A new flag was introduced and the name of the country was changed. This new flag has horizontal stripes in yellow, green and red with a large white star in the middle. For more information and a picture of Myanmar's new flag, click here: Myanmar's new flag design has changed. The file has been replaced by File:Flag of Myanmar.svg.

Burma/Myanmar: The world has a new national flag

Revealing a new flag often means a drastic shift in global policy. This could refer to the emergence of a new land (such as recently self-sufficient Montenegro), or a land that wants to put its shadowy past behind it, for example Rwanda. Unfortunately, the recently adopted flag of Myanmar (Burma) does not seem to be a good one.

Myanmar is currently governed by a Burmese army june that has been in office since the 1988 8888s. Since the NLD won the 1990 election, Aung San Suu Kyi, the National League for Democracy leadership, has been under almost permanent detention.

In the context of the government's far-reaching changes to the constitution, the new flag was taken to the skies throughout Germany on 21 October 2010 and the old banners were burnt in order to further consolidate and symbolise the government's clout. There are three striped horizontally coloured bands of orange, blue, green or orange, with a large five-point asterisk.

They are meant to be (...) a symbol of tranquillity and wealth, but they are in fact the Burmese flag color during the second world war's second world war in Japan. It is said to be a symbol of the unification of the country, but it is very similar to the constellations that can be seen on commemorative banners, especially those of Vietnam.

Do not confuse the new flag with Lithuania. I naturally sincerely trust that the Burmese junta will finally give way to a democratic regime. When that happens, this new flag will most likely go down in the annals of society, a symbol of violent tyranny.

Myanmar: Flag Suggestions 2007

Myanmar's present flag was already designed as a suggestion in 2007. Please see the Myanmar page for further information. The new Myanmar flag, a new name ("Union of the Republic of Myanmar" or "Pyidaungsu Thamada Myanmar Naing-Ngan Daw") and a changed "state seal" will be introduced.

A new flag with a new symbolism would be an interesting reversion to the design of the 1940'. There are three strips, with a large square dotted with a large square strip of blue, orange and orange "at the top of the flag". For information on the new flag suggestion, please visit

"Below is a translated version of the suggestions to establish a set of fundamental constitutional change rules for the sections "Amendment of the Constitution", "State Flag, State Seal, National Anthem and Capital", "Transitional Provisions" and "General Provisions" to be presented by the Group of Delegates for Intellectuals and Intelligence at the plenary session of the National Convention at the Pyidaungsu Hall of Nyaunghnapin Camp in Hmawby Township, Yangon Division on 28 December 2006.

We would like to present our opinions on the fundamental principle suggested at the November 10, 2006 Parliamentary Assembly by the President of the Working Committee of the National Convention for the section "State Flag, State Seal, National Anthem and Capital" to be incorporated into the Constitution.

1. The flag shall be appropriately indicated by means of shallow blue, orange and orange dots. There is a large square pointing upwards pointed by a large square pointed upwards. 2. A statute shall be enacted concerning the national flag. As he said, the color of the flag represents tranquillity and tranquillity and a luxuriant and leafy area. Yellows represents solidity.

Thereof 24 country flagges are labeled with three-coloured strips in a proportional proportion. For each of the 24 states, three colors are used, which correspond to the requirements of the respective country. Intellectual s and intelligence delegates have conducted a benchmarking survey of the national flag of the global powers and drawn many new drafts of the national flag.

Then they handed in their work and shared their ideas with the group. Mr President, some members of our group are informed about historic and Myanmar matters. In particular, they have been studying the drafts of our country's national flag in the Bagan and Innwa periods, the Konbaung periods and the preindependence years.

I would like to thank those members who have created new national flag layouts on the basis of the national flag layouts used in the past and who appreciate their effort and will. All of us members took part in the discussion on the shape of the national flag. A number of people discussed the shape of the three-coloured national flag and the place of the whitestar, which was presented by the chair of the working committee.

Mr President, we felt that the flag of the State in question, which is appropriately indicated by means of blue, orange and orange strips, has an essential and significant character. A large square with a large square, reflecting the eternal life of the Union, should be at the top at the far end of the leaf.

Therefore, the point:"(1) The national flag is required as follows: Flags are indicated by a proportional proportion of blue, orange and amber. There is a large square pointing upwards pointed by a large square pointed upwards. 2. A statute shall be adopted concerning the national flag, which shall be considered a fundamental detail.

Other than that, the signet, the anthem. They seem to have chosen a stripey flag because it was a tradition instead of looking for a unique style. Twenty-four national banners of the 194 contries, labeled with strips of three colors in an appropriate proportion, could also help us to define the type of them.

From the possible classes, it seems, after a short count, that the most similar of the 24 possible ones, which have three identical striped lines of different colors, come as close to those described by the group. The new Myanmar flag will become formal in 2010 at the same one as the new constitution, according to the French Embassy in Rangoon.

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