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Myanmar Alin and Kyaymon in Burmese and Myanmar's New Light in English are available in Naypyidaw. Recent polls show that the British public has turned against a'hard brexite'. A new life for Yangon's new city. Burmese restaurants have been out of town for a year and a half: Firmenname, New City Development Public Company.

Yangon's new city breathes new energy

In Yangon, a lengthy Yangon roadmap will be resumed later this months, with Serge Pun and former Singapore Secretary of State George Yeo. On the occasion of the founding of New Yangon Developing Companies Limited on March 31, Yangon Chief Secretary U Phyo Min Thein will give an opening speech under the Special Companies Act for the New Yangon City expansion.

Pun, the CEO, will give a lecture on the site, while Yeo, who is described as an impartial manager, will give a talk. It is headed by Daw Nilar Kyaw, Yangon Region Secretary of State for Power, Industries, Transport&Communication. Stage one of the new city will be turned "into an urbane manufacturing area" 20,000 m to the western side of the city centre of Yangon, the enterprise said in an invitatio.

"New Yangon City's mission is to be a secure, intelligent and cleaner city that serves as an example of effectiveness, integration and accountability," the convocation said. New Yangon Development's press association refused to make any further comments. Yangon Region announced its new site in July 2017 when it informed a rally that it had cancelled the results of a call for tenders issued by the state.

Instead, New Yangon Development would be founded "to help realize the new city development and the Yangon region will take over the entire administration of the project," Nilar Kyaw said to the MPs. Daw Sandar Min (NLD, Seikgyikhanaungto-1) was complaining at the conference that the legislature had not received enough information from the state administration.

It said that the goverment should obtain Parliament's consent if it makes significant changes to the new city' s plans, such as the modification of the car for construction. However, there are local indications that the progress of the projects is being made. The landlords in the area have about a whole weeks to determine whether they want to take money or real estate as a form of restitution for forced purchase.

On 5 March, an official notice from the local authorities gave them a choice between a one-off payment of CZK 10 million per hectare or a one-off payment for the new urban development by 6 April. When the latter, they get 20 per cent of what was purchased from them - so if 10 acers were purchased, they get 2 of them.

"The majority of the peasants choose to maintain 20 per cent of the lands in the area, " said Ko Ne Win Shein, the steward of the Kalartan Thone Eain villagg. Said the farmer and other landowner suggested acquiring property at three locations with a total area of 3,357 acre within the area.

"He said on March 20 that the administration generally agreed with the villagers' suggestion. Khin Nwe, who has about 30 hectares of farmland, said all the peasants in his town Tamatakaw have decided to pay soil reparation. He said 0. 20 acre municipal lands could be divided into three parcels of 2,400 sq ft each and could be oversubscribed for a whole amount of K30 million.

One hundred percent landlord of Tamatakaw community, U Yangon's U Myint Myint, said that no "real farmers" are against the scheme because the pay is more fair than when the former Prime minister of Yangon region, U Myint Swe, tried to put the scheme into practice. Then, the goverment provided an accommodation and land of 2400 sq. meters for each purchased morning, he said.

Said agriculture was "no longer a good business," so most peasants wanted to do it. Estimating 3,000 acres were now in the hands of non-residents. "So, if someone is against the scheme, he is not a true peasant, or he doesn't get a peasant's life," said Mr. Mint.

Mr Myint said that in March of this year, administration officers said to the peasants that those who fail to make a choice will be compensated outright. Ne Win Shein and Myint said that most landlords had already made a choice, but it had been hard to get in touch with people who had let property to leaseholders.

Present prices range between K 12 and 15 million per morning, said Ko Myint Naing Kyaw, an independents property broker in Twante. Myint Swe in August 2014 unveiled its plan to build a new city worth $8 billion and covering 30,000 hectares of arable land in western Yangon. His controversial assignment was to a little-known company, Myanmar Saytanar Myothit PR Company, but he had to resign out of outrage.

In January 2016, three firms were selected to carry out a smaller scale of the new urban development, covering almost 12,000 hectares. The new Yangon region of the National League for Democracy called on the development team to come up with new projects in April 2016.

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