Myanmar new Album

New album Myanmar

Myo-gyi's new album has just been released. We are represented in My Magical Myanmar Magazine. He described well about the mood on our new self-titled album release concert. In search of fresh new music? You' re listening to Radio Myanmar.

With the longed-for second album J Me is back

After three and a half years of releasing his first album Koe Bawa Nae Ko (Individual Lives), hip-hop performer J Me is set to return to the spotlight with his second album. A long-awaited hip-hop actor, Bawa Yae Naitban (Life's Heaven), who will be released later this week, says that his rapid ascent to glory has had a big impact on him.

"I have given many shows after my d├ębut and have made a great deal of money. Encouraging his relatives and boyfriends, not to speak of the powerful aspirations of Myanmar's hip-hop community, took the frank hip-hop celebrity back to the recording studios for his follow-up album, which he described as part of a 2007 journey to Loikaw and Phaekhon in the state of Kayah.

He is not sure how his supporters will react to the album, but he thinks it will go down well with the musicans. Most of all, J Me says that the album is a reflection of his motivation and the pace of his live. "The pace of the track mirrors my mood on a particular date, weekend or year.

There is a track that can articulate what is in the artist's mind, so the album contains all my thoughts. The album is made by Iron Cross Music Production and contains 12 tunes and two bonustracks. This album contains the talent of Tha O, Bigg-Y, G-tone, Zam Nu, Eint Chit, Cindy, Thar Gyi, Thar Nge, Khit Khit, Hlwan Paing, YAK, Ar T.

Long album sold vocalist Lone Lone Lone Lone shortly

The new vocalist Lone Lone Lone entered the indigenous musical community at the beginning of October with her first album Nin Thi Tek Ta Nae (A you know my feeling), which contains 18 pieces of hard metal, hard metal and electro-pop. In spite of her emerging role, Lone Lone has been able to win the backing of a number of stalwart artists in the musical industries, such as Lazy Club and The Trees, who provide backing tunes for the more rock-oriented tunes.

Moe Moe and D Yan produce electro-pop songs, and Lone Lone also share a duet with the big hits R Zarni, He` Lay and Wine Su Khaing Thein. Participating writers are Shwe Gyaw Gyaw (famous for his work with Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein), Lin Lin Lin, Z War, KAT, Min Chit Thu and San Pee.

This album starts with an energetic tune called "Di Lo Nek Pae" (Just like this) by Shwe Gyaw Gyaw. Lone Lonne's cute singing goes well with the vivacious, cheerful sound, as do the stupid young lovers. The album climaxes with the theme tune "Nin Thi Tek Ta Nae", a slower, uncomplicated songwriting with easy texts about heartache and missing loves.

Composted by San Pee, it is the ideal car for Lone Lones gentle and enchanting vocals that can at best bring a tear to the listener's eye. Unfortunately, such highlights on this album are rare. She is a good vocalist, but she shows little variety and may find it difficult to break out of the tight boundaries of the sweet and fast growing world.

These shortcomings are particularly evident in the duo tracks, where Lone Lones reserved vocal is cast a shadow over the ripe vocal parts of her more well-known mates. For example, Su Khaing Thein surpasses Lone Lone Lone on "Dto Thi Par Tel" (I knew it), while "Chit Thaw Thu Anan" (A Lover's Kiss), a potentially great romantic tune, is suffering from a style disparity between Lone Lone Lone and the experienced czarni.

Not even a famous musician like Lin Lin can rescue the album: Lone Lone Lone's tracks offer an outstanding stage for vigorous vocalists who have the capacity to cast their vocals, but this is an unacquired aptitude. But one of the issues is the length of the CD: 18 tracks are just too many for a first album and it's clear that the producer should have made harder choices about what to record and what to edit.

With an album focused on the 10 or 12 best tracks, the album would have been much more powerful and leave the feeling that Lone Lone Lone has more to show on upcoming album. Instead, you wonder if she has the bandwidth and agility to become a truly amazing vocalist.

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