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It' outperforms all WiFi services. Myanmar Net is the leading Internet service provider in Myanmar with a reputation for quality of service. "M Dynamar net" ???

??????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????_ Myanmar (Burma) Connection speed test, average speed, maximum speed & bandwidths Accessing the Internet via mobile devices to the Wifi hotspot in hotels in Myanmar is almost impossible or very slow. With the advent of this new game, it would be easier to ignore Myanmarnet.

4G+ Communications Launches Services

By the end of this monthly, Amara Communications Co (ACS) has set itself the goal of introducing its 4G+ Wi-Fi data-only services, which it has named anandah, said Ma Aye Mya Mya Kyi, deputy CEO of ACS, to the Myanmar Times. "We' ll be the first and only Myanmar wide band Wi-Fi provider," she said.

This move comes two years after ACS has been licensed to run its 2,600 MHz spectrum which is the highest ever rate of traffic granted by the state to a telecom operators. There is also a growing need for fast and dependable web connectivity in Myanmar.

"Humans are using more and more information. You stream video to YouTube, upload pictures to Instagram and are actively on sites like Facebook and cell phones like Viber," she said. On the basis of ACS observation, the Myanmar web users consume about 8-9 GB of wireless information per months. As the use of information increases, the opportunities available to domestic users quickly become insufficient.

There are currently four Myanmar carriers - MPT, Telenor, Ooreedoo and MyTel - which formally started their operations in Myanmar on 13 February. "This operator offers more and more costly types of wireless information, given the amount of information users are using," said Ma Aye Mya Myar Kyi. Then there are other ISP' (Internet Servers ) like Myanmar Net that provide WiFi at a slower speed.

MNOs and other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) operate at lower frequency bands between 900 and 2,100 megahertz. ACS will launch its new ministry in Yangon and Mandalay later this week if everything goes according to schedule. At an" accessible price", clients get a plug-and-play WiFi unit, a small Wi-Fi Wi-Fi small Wi-Fi routers that acts as a portable Wi-Fi hot spot.

As part of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Goverment, ACS will also provide long-term service in Rakhine State and Ayeyarwady Region. The ACS Group is part of the IGE Group, a Myanmar-based group of enterprises with a broad diversified business mix comprising electricity, utilities, infrastructural developments, hotels and restaurants and finance.

Founded in 2011, the business aims to develop the country's fast growing telecom markets. At present, ACS offers networking roll-out activities, which comprise underground construction work for telecommunication towers, the erection of energy and wireless systems as well as the operating and maintaining of these. ACS was one of the contenders for a wireless licence in Myanmar in 2013.

"While we were among the carriers applying for the licence, we came 6th and had no opportunity to enter the wireless market," said Ma Aye Mya Mya Kyi. ACS was one of nine other tenderers to take part in the state public tender for a file sharing licence in 2016.

She is the only one of the three chosen with the right to offer her services in Yangon and Mandalay. "Aye Mya Mya Kyi said: "We took part in both bids because we believe it is a good chance for a good chance for a good Lithuanian business to take part in Myanmar's telecom industry.

As Ma Aye Mya Mya Kyi says: "We have already spent over $100 million on licensing royalties, networking gear and the necessary infrastructures. "These include over 300 Yangon turrets, 65 percent of the company's original goal of 500 in all. It is currently constructing further spires in Yangon and Mandalay.

We will therefore have to construct more turrets to have a continual connection," said Ma Aye Mya Mya Mya Mya Kyi. In addition, the present ACS licence expires in 13 years and an extension is not underwritten.

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