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A-wa-thone data for Internet users. The Myanmar Net is the leading Internet service provider in Myanmar with a reputation for quality of service and the best price. Homepage - Categories - Internet Service Provider; Myanmar Net. I will start with the public Internet service.

Choose Control Panel, then Network and Internet.

Telenor, Myanmar Net launches wireless packets

Together, Telenor and Myanmar Net have started the "A-wa-thone Data" plans for Telenors. It is available in three different sizes, all of which provide unrestricted Wi-Fi connectivity to Myanmar Net in 18 Yangon and 3 Mandalay cities. Up to 300MB, 500MB or 2GB package with different expiration dates is available for A-wa-thone subscription.

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Myanmar's Internet Service Provider

The Myanmar Internet is being developed by the Myanmar authorities, which are doing their best to accelerate Internet growth by giving 25 businesses at home and abroad the right to use the Internet. Fortune International Ltd. At present, these sevice-providers are working hard to enhance the level of customer care. The first Myanmar Net implementation is a world-class experience.

The company is owned by Frontiir Myanmar, a wholly owned affiliate. However, the Myanmar net is said to be the best. It' surpasses all WiFi standards. Three types of commercial and personal usage are available. Currently Myanmar net is available in two towns Yangon and Mandalay. At Yangon it can be used in seven of Lanmadaw, Latha, Pabedan, Kyauktada, Botataung, Pazundaung, Mingalar Taung Nyuntownships.

Furthermore, 18 further townships can be used in freehold apartments. Can be used in LaPyaeWon Plaza, Tat Toe Nu Yin Condo (canton de Dagon), Pearl Condominium, Link Condo (canton de Bahan), BarGaYar Condo, Residence Khaymar, Twin Centro Complex (canton de Sanchaung), Orchid Condominium verwendet verwendet werden, Myanmar Plaza, ShwePinOwn Residence,Yan Aye,Yan Nyein,Wah Wah Wah Wah Win Residence,MinYeKyawZwar Condo (Yankin Township),CharThar Condo (Tamwe Township),Inya View Condo (Kamaryut Township),

The MinDaMa Condo, Thiri Condo, Royal Malikha Condo, Primrose Condo (Mayangone Township), Pun Huing Golf Estate Residence, Pun Huing Si Lon Hospital, Industrial -5 (Hlaing Thar Yar Township), We only saw PinLon Hospital (North Dagon Township), Kandawgyi Tower (Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township), Malikha Condo (Thahgan Gyun Township), and 6 other condos and 6 places, but with the information we collected, we only saw so far.

Myanmar Net can be used in Mandalay as streets 71, 74, 26, 35 of the municipality Chan Aye Thar Zan. I' m also going to tell a little about the services of Myanmar net. First I will speak about the Internet services. You can use the Internet immediately. At present linked by 7 Yangon cities.

One is a commercially available Internet site. This makes the level of support higher than normal. Private is like a portable cash balance with a credit cardholder system. You can also use this shuttle in 7 Yangon cities. It is comparable to using the Internet. Next I will be writing about different MyanmarNet related products and pricing.

You can use the Internet in two ways each month. The CPE is a connection to the Internet and is used for two different kinds of service. CPE deployment costs 47,000 kyats. The Internet connection is selected from the following options. For a cell phone without CPE, the starting fee is 3000Kyats.

We also offer a day-to-day services with a portable debit and credit cardholder. They can buy maps of 300 kyats and link to MyanmarNet. Several types of this ministry exist. CPE rent requires a 50000 kyats security bond with an upfront charge of 15000 kyats, 3000 kyats per months.

On return of the equipment a security of 50000 Kie. will be refunded. You can also buy 210000 kyats for 210000 cats. If you buy it, it will still be 15000 kyats of the acquisition price. But I don't like ministries I don't talk about to do. It' s important that the servicing fulfils the customer's needs as quickly as possible.

When this section is poor, the quality of services will deteriorate. No. (205), PhoneGyi St and Anawrahta St Corner, Lanmadaw Township. Nr. (91), SeitKanThar St and Anawrahta St Corner, Kyauktada Township. No ((136), Anawratha Road, 48 Road and Boat Myat Tun Road, Botahtaung Township. No.(502), Thein Phyu Road, Mingalar Tawn Nyunt Township. Burma Plaza, near the escalators to the second level.

No.(5), Bayintnaung Road, municipality of Hlaing, Yangon. The company offers a range of products and solutions in various areas of Yangon and Mandalay. Despite some criticisms in related areas, it can be said that in a very brief space of timeframe Sometimes it has been successful. You can use it in the following areas of Yangon.

Lanmadaw, Latha, Pabedan, Kyauttada, Botahtaung, SanChaung, Tamwe, TharKayTa, Dagon, Kamaryut (Hledan), South Okkalrpa, North Okkalarpa, Thingangyun, North Dagon, Pazundaung (between road 53 and 56), South Dagon Industrial to Da Zone, South Dagon Seikkan Industrial Zone, East Dagon Industrial Zone and Mingalardon Industerial Zone. There are two different kinds of services, Home and Office.

As a rule, it is 100,000 kyats for the acquisition price. Production can be 40000 karat or 60000 kyat in some cases. Renting the unit is 10000 kyats per week, but if you are paying for 3 moths, you don't have to buy it anymore. 1 GB Internet connection rate of at least 1 Mbit/s and 2 Mbit/s after the end of a session can last up to 12hrs at 512 Kbit/s, 2. 1 GB Internet connection rate of at least 1 Mbit/s and 2 Mbit/s 2 GB can be used up to 12hrs at 512 Kbit/s.

Currently, Yangon Downtown has available but some areas cannot be used. We have three kinds of services: home, small and large enterprises. There is a 60,000 kilo per month charge for this shuttle at 1 Mbps/second. Acquisition costs amount to 40000 kyats. You can use Hledan Hlaing (train station) for home use in Yangon.

It will be 94000 kyats at 1 Mbps/month for SMBs. Acquisition costs amount to 294000 kyats. The Internet for large companies is a services for homes, condos and plants.

Do great business Internet. It has two types of network operation, fibre and radio. Fibers are purchased for 100,000 Kyat. In contrast to other vendors, they are working on a new feature named CCCS. They' re hoping to create clear and simple tools for meeting with videos and music.

In order to use this feature, you need a videoconferencing bankroll, a mobile phone's Internet videoconferencing equipment and other equipment. No.(4/03), KyaePwar Residence, Thingan Gyun Township, Yangon. The Global Technology Co Ltd. was established in 2002 with a networkbenefitagreement. They currently provide a range of Yangon based solutions. The announcement has been made that the ministries will soon begin in Mandalay.

Start-up costs of 5 BB wideband are 300,000 Kyat. In Yangon, 5 BB Breitband offers free Wifi at 36 sites below. Latest client services needs for 5 BB wideband fiber optic fiber network are still very high. The 5BB wideband network is 471, Pyay Road, Karmaryut Township, Yangon. Currently, the Internet is widespread, but there are a number of Internet access services provider, we have the above mentioned services to make comparison more effective.

As you know, according to the present Internet services providers users, there are a few issues.

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