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When you are looking for Myanmar Internet directory or useful Myanmar links list, URL, blogs, websites, this is right for you. Offline your next search and connect automatically by downloading the app now: CONTINUATIONAL NEWSPAPERS Online Apps and Utility Pages. Developing a mobile app culture in Yangon". What are the social APPs you have used to contact your family?

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Myanmars NET specialises in the IT sector for web and speech editing. Myanmar Fonts Publisher's Description Win Myanmar Fonts has been the de facto de facto norm for speech editing in Myanmar since 1992. Transforms MS Windows and Excel menus into Myanmar. Convert your MS Windows and Excel menus to Myanmar.

Enter the text in Myanmar Unicode. Enter the text in Myanmar Unicode.

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MYANMAR' s developer praises Israel' s startup strategy

Apple development experts say Israel offers a paradigm for helping the development of a technology industry, which they say has great economic value if it gets more public and personal investment. A must-have for Mandalay diners, THE Shwe Bite App is growing the nation's desire for homemade apps designed by tech-savvy innovators who see the sector's power but want more publicity.

"The word "Shwe Bite" is a pun, because it means "Golden Bite" in English, but it can also relate to a character who always likes good cuisine. It was developed two years ago by Ko Moe Htet Kyaw, who has over 10 years of development expertise in bookkeeping, catering and building management applications.

Mr. Htet Kyaw received a Bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems (Honours) from Greenwich University in the UK in 2011 after a Ph. D. in Physics from Mandalay University in 2007. Shwe Bite App, which has more than 1,000 Mandalay actives, will be available across the year.

The app won the second Start-up Israel Contest organized by the Israel Mission and the Myanmar Computer Federation at MICT Park in Yangon on August 2. Moe Htet Kyaw travelled to Israel in September as the second Myanmar resident to advertise an app at the Tel Aviv Innovation Festival, an annually organized get-together of Israel's governments to bring together investment and start-ups from around the globe.

He said he had seen many Israelis and other multinational development leaders during the meeting and talks often began with issues about Myanmar, as well as its situation. Israel's federal and state governments will pay up to 85 per cent of a start-up's total cost for two years, said Ran Natanzon, Director of Corporate Development and Trademark Development at the country's Foreign Ministry.

Goverment statistics show that there are about 5,200 start-ups in Israel, mainly for on-line buying, publicity, security and gambling, as well as wireless technologies and applications. Much of the fund raised for hightech investments in Israel went up from US$1. 9 million to $4. 8 million between 2012 and 2016, show governments figures. a...

"Moe Htet Kyaw said, "They made their living with start-ups' technologies and we need to be prepared for this kind of deal in our state. In addition, he added that a big gap between the two nations for start-ups is that Myanmar has scarce technologies, labour and financial resources, which includes promotion of investments by the privatector.

Because of the poor accessibility to finance, many start-ups have to use their own resources, he said. "I' ve been able to spend my own amount of my own spare minute and my own budget on Shwe Bite, but most folks can't," said Moe Htet Kyaw, who ran a computer store before launching the app.

Phandeeyar has provided Shwe Bite with a six-month core financing from Phandeeyar Accessor to provide technology and commercial resources for the app. One of the few organizations in Myanmar that promotes and supports start-ups, Technical HQ Phandeeyar started its "Accelerator" programme in 2016. Designers present their innovation and those with the best opportunities get start-up capital, offices, free technical service and mentoring mentors.

In a financing round at the beginning of the year, two of the first four start-ups of the Phandeeyar Accelerator were given a major impetus by private investment. Myanmar's first cartoon animation game, White Merak, has collected $140,000 (about K192 million) from five angelic shareholders in the July 6 financing round in exchange for 23 per cent of the company's capital, Phandeeyar said.

Ch√Ęteau Sat, the country's first freelancer community, has been awarded six-figure financing from two multinational corporations and an undisclosed Myanmar-based Engel investment company, it is said. Israel's ambassador to Myanmar, Daniel Zonshine, said Frontier that his country's experiences in the area could help build the launch civilization in Myanmar.

But he said that not only the goverment but also the public and scientific sectors need help. "And he said, "People with cash can help if they find out that these young people's bright minds - prospective start-ups - are commercially sustainable, have a blueprint and know how to turn the concept into a profit.

Myanmar Computer Federation VP Daw Than Than Tint agrees that start-ups can make a big difference to the business community, but that the development community needs more help. "Start-ups do not receive assistance from the goverment, but they do receive assistance from privately owned organizations," she said to Frontier. Than Than Than Tint said that other major technology companies in Myanmar face linguistic barriers and restricted resources for investments.

It said the MCF has no information on the number of start-ups in Myanmar. MCF supports the provision of technologies, the publication of start-ups in the press and the exchange of information on upcoming antecedents. He said he knew nothing of the government's plan to help start-ups.

Myanmar's potential start-up funding would be directly related to the state of technological developments in the state.

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