Myanmar Neighbouring Countries

Burma Neighbouring Countries

Although Myanmar shares its border with China, Thailand, India, Bangladesh and Laos, border crossings are currently only possible with China and Thailand. The Bangladesh, China, India, Laos and Thailand flags of Myanmar with information about the state of Myanmar. These are clockwise Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh. ("Myanmar-Laos-Thailand") means illegal imports from Myanmar to the USA. Yangon), is not only the largest city in the country, but also the business center of Myanmar.

Myanmar and its neighbours react to the Rohingya crisis

  • More than one million Myanmarans are identified as Rohingya, a predominantly Islamic group mainly based in the state of Rakhine on the west shore of the state. - According to the junta, the Rohingya are not a real ethnical group, but Bengali immigrants whose attendance is an unwelcomed heritage of the colonisation.
  • Rohingya is refused nationality, the right to travelling, the right to receive training and other advantages in Myanmar, although they sometimes had the right to stand for election. They are often prosecuted in a land where anti-Muslim feelings are high. - But the Rohingya say that Myanmar's policy is forcing them to fare.

You are accusing of accomplices in immigrant trade. - Much of the immigrant trade in Thailand is concentrated, and often involves the involvement of Thai migrants. A thousand people are crossing smuggling shelters near the Malaysian frontier. - The Thai authorities have taken action in recent months against human smuggling because they have been humiliated by recently found crowd cemeteries and other events.

This has caused some refuge boat to remain off the coast so as not to be caught, or instead to try to get to Malaysia or Indonesia. - The Thai authorities have said that their marine will provide humanitary assistance to immigrant vessels in their seas and they have been discussing the establishment of land-based shelters. However, she does not want constant colonists, and only a few Rohingya want to set up in Thailand.

  • Thailand participated in the discussions in Malaysia on 20 May, but was not prepared to accept further people. He said the topic was still under discussion. - It is prosperous by local standards and lacks a skilled labour force, making it appealing to immigrants and calmly welcoming ten thousand of them, especially Muslims.
  • Rohingya, who enter Malaysia via trade lanes, are considered criminals who are often displaced in shanty towns and exposed to harassment and abuse. - The formal policies of the state were to demoralise un-sanctioned sailors' arrival and its marines rejected immigrant ships unless they were in serious distress. - In the May 20 discussions, Malaysia declared its willingness to help 7,000 offshore buried refugees and provide them with transitional accommodation if they are relocated within a year.
  • Although it is a Moslem nation and therefore appealing to Rohingya migrants, Indonesia has made it clear that illicit migrants are unwelcome. It has a serious issue with Middle Eastern migrants using it as a stopover to get to Australia. - In at least one case, the German Naval Service rejected immigrant ships and provided an incoming vessel with petrol and nourishment and diverted it to Malaysia.
  • Indonesia declared its willingness in the discussions on 20 May to help 7,000 immigrants who have been lost at Sea and to provide them with transitional accommodation if they are relocated to another location within a year. - Rohingya are living on both sides of the Thai-Bangladesh-Bangladeshi border. Approximately 200,000 Rohingya are living in Bangladesh's flood shelters, many of them under poor ordeal.
  • The Bangladesh administration disputes that Myanmar's Rohingya are indeed ethnical Bengalese, as Myanmar's administration claims. In Bangladesh we have tried to shut down our frontiers for the migrant. From a legal point of view this is sluggish, complicated and costly, so many turn to the same trading nets and the same vessels that use the Rohingya.
  • Bangladesh's authorities said the government was expecting the return of saved immigrants found as Bangladeshi people.

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