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Reuuters gains Pulitzers for Philippine coverage, Myanmar photographer

April 16 (Reuters) - On Monday, Reuters won two Pulitzer Prizes for its coverage of the connections between Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte and the murder troops of the Myanmar policing force and for its documentation of the Rohingya immigrant war. New York Times and New York Times share the honour of the civil servants for their coverage of the accusation of molestation by Hollywood filmmaker Harvey Weinstein.

Times and the Washington Post share the honour of covering Russia's participation in the 2016 US Presidency elections. Pulitzer, the most renowned awards in US Journalism, have been presented since 1917. For the first year in a row, Reuters has won two awards.

Reuters reporter Clare Baldwin, Andrew R.C. Marshall and Manuel Mogato received the prestigious award for "the inexorable coverage that the violent murder camp behind the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's drug attack has uncovered," said the Pulitzer executive team. Reuters' photographers received the featured photo award "for shooting shock photos that expose the violent Rohingya refugee escape from Myanmar".

In 2014, Reuters received a Pulitzer Prize for Marshall and Jason Szep's reports on the brutal prosecution of the Rohingya, a Myanmar-based Islamic minorities that have often been the victims of robbery by traffickers in people. Reuters' first Pulitzer came in 2008 for Adrees Latif's photograph of a Japanese video artist who was killed in a road demonstr.

In 2016, Reuters photographers continued to take photographs of the Israeli immigrant crises in Europe.

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