Myanmar nay toe Video

Burma nay toe Video

Thet Mon Myint, Ye Aung, May Than Nu, Khin Hlaing, Dane Daung. Accentuated star >> Nay Toe. Burma actor, Myanmar Male Celebrity. naytoe-blog.blogspot.

com. |Thet Mon Myint & Nay Toe. Fan of it? Award-winning movie actor and comedian with Burmese dance group Htawara Hninzi.

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A prizewinning movie star and comic star of Burma's Htawara Hninzi group. With the movie Moe Nya Einmet Myu 2009 he won his first Oscar for best actress (????????????????????). He won his next Oscar in 2015 with Nat Khat Mhar Tae Tite Pwal (??????????????? ????????).

Instead of a birthday feast on January 29, 2011, he gave a nice amount of cash to Homes for the Aged and Orphanages to win the Oscar. Recently Nay Toe travelled to Japan, Singapore and Malaysia in 2011 on tour. On January 1, 2011 Nay Toe published his self-written biographical and clothing textbook Un Tighteneddoors.

In 2001 he played in a 3 Wochen which was his first feature length work.

Promoting new technologies to promote Burma's film abroad

Satan's Dancer is the first simultaneous release of a Myanmar documentary in Singapore and Rangoon. It is a tale of a married woman and a woman who has an illegitimate baby and deals with the topics of infantile traumatism and psychological issues. Said it's getting Burma's movies back to life. Now.

"Digital technologies now allow us to produce movies simultaneously abroad and the manufacturing qualities are appropriate for an global audience," he said. He is a Burmese Academy laureate and former acting star Wyne. Said he wanted to make a movie about child psychology.

"The movie portraits a young pair unknowingly bringing a baby into this wonderful universe out of a sudden need for sex. You' re not raising the kid right. It will be officially premiered in Rangoon and Singapore on May 18.

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