Myanmar Naw

Burma Naw

Burma Maid Listing. Saw is the honor for men and Naw for women in Kayin use. Burma: New report warns of possible land conflict epidemic. Name is Naw Yu Yu Khaing and I am from Myanmar. PRINCIPAL, Sino-Burmese Wars, Myanmar, Naw Kham, Southeast Asia, Yunnan, Qing Dynasty.


Having first experienced Myanmar in 2007, he and his spouse relocated to Myanmar in 2008 before Cyclone Nargis to work full hours to fight extreme poverty and create jobs. He has contributed his MA in Economic and International Trade to the company and was involved in the conception of ONOW.

Myanmar and foreign nationals who work together to enable young people to become businessmen are his favourite pastimes. Born in Ohio, Johnny later received a BA in Intercultural Studies and an MDiv from Lincoln Christian University and Seminary. He and his family have three kids now. Johnny and his spouse Janelle move to Yangon in early 2011.

When you want Johnny to become impassioned, ask him if he talks about it. Before moving to Yangon, she worked at the Ngapali Hemisphere Motel. It has been with ONOW since 2013. Dip in economics from Yangon University of Economic. One of her favourite activities at ONOW is to help youngsters set up their own businesses.

It likes new things and new sentiments. Mr Naw Nwe Ni Lynn joined ONOW in February 2015. Prior to that, she was living in and from Singapore, where she received her B.A. in English from Dagon University. Their favourite activity at ONOW is to help business people, especially to teach them the abilities they need to be successful.

In her spare free times Nwe Ni likes to study literature or work on a voluntary basis. He is fluent in both Myanmar and English and has a pronounced ability to think critically and solve problems. is with ONOW since 2016. Mr. Er studierte Bachelor of Theology am South East Asia Mission College, Bachelor of Art (Eng) an der Magway University et Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies an der Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology.

He works at ONOW as a teacher and also as a local businessman. During his spare time he is praise director at the Yangon Siyin Baptist Church and Festival of Praise. Being a disciple of Jesus, he likes to serve Christian communities and beyond. Prior to joining ONOW, Khant Nyar worked for several technical firms.

Since the beginning of 2016 he has been a member of the ONOW-Teams. Leveraging his expertise in the fields of graphics engineering and graphics to help ONOW achieve the next level of entrepreneurship. At ONOW, he likes to stand behind a camcorder and take photos or video. It also likes to cycle long journeys through Myanmar.

A B.A. degree from Dagon University with a focus on English, he will complete his studies in January 2017. He is now taking lessons at WISE College (Shwe Gon Daing) to further his business studies. Since November 2016 he has been working at ONOW and spending a lot of his free hours outside the company to visit business people.

The Opportunities NOW is an entrepreneurial learning system in Myanmar that aims to alleviate misery by offering education and coaching at various phases of starting a company. The Opportunities NOW provides not only the pedagogical frame for a company's growth, but also the funds needed by the student to be successful with their company through the ONOW Social Launch Fund.

Juvenile joblessness is a world-wide problem. The world' s young unemployed are on averages two to three as high as those of grown-ups, and young workers tend to work in low-paid, fixed-term positions that do not provide safety or work. Youngsters in Myanmar are not only experiencing the world-wide tendency of rising youth joblessness, but also an added shortage of opportunity locally.

Without engineering colleges, inefficient college studies and a poor level of non-formal learning, young people are not prepared to start their careers and often stay up to ten years after high schools without participation in the work world. The absence of a proper frame for young people at the interface between work preparation and labour supply offers an immediate chance for immediate intervention.

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