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Burma Nature Photo

You can download myanmar nature photos. View award-winning photos of animals in the wild, beautiful landscapes and interesting people! The Nature Hotel has air-conditioned rooms in Mandalay. The Nature Dream Travel, Myanmar would like to introduce you to the most beautiful destination in Myanmar. Myanmar is one of the countries preferred by nature.

Myanmar in pictures - where nature and spirit meet

If most travellers think of Southeast Asia, they invoke pictures of widely travelled Thailand or perhaps Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Myanmar (Burma) has recently opened its gates to the outside worlds and offers a much more original and well-preserved culture and nature as well. These include buddhistic culture riches, historic country towns, unspoilt tropic scenery, amazing fauna and pioneering eco-lodges.

Burma really is one of the last places on earth to capture the mind of nature and the nature of man's mind in one place. We have even dropped in the best near-natural disc of Thailand for a really unique excursion into the secret nature of Southeast Asia, which you can enjoy on the same astonishing trip as your Myanmar-adventures.

See the original two-country route of Nature Habitat Adventures, visit the Yangon and Bagan Gold Temples, Myanmar's nature reserves and nature attractions, and Thailand's three nature reserves, which include some of the wealthiest wilderness slaves in Southeast Asia. These are some of our favourite activities that we can see and do on an informal tour of Myanmar, as shown in the pictures below.

If you want more pictures of Myanmar and Thailand, please join our expedition manager Court Whelan on Instagram at @whelancourtland. Explore Thailand's Khao Sok National Park, where the oldest rainforest in the hemisphere is inhabited by unparalleled game. He is a leading company in the fields of sustainable corporate management, corporate growth and communication with years of expertise in the sectors of aviation, transportation, tourism and related sectors.

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34 Amazing pictures of Myanmar (Burma)

Burma (Myanmar) is one of my most popular tourist attractions..... Myanmar was until recently largely isolated from the outside but with the changes in politics Myanmar is now an up-and-coming backpacker town. It' also one of the most picturesque places I have ever been to. This land is exploding with colour, nature, heritage and cultural heritage.

All of this makes some unbelievable Myanmar-photographs. Here are 35 images of Myanmar to help you get inspired to explore Burma: Burma is best known for the thousand of breathtaking sanctuaries in Bagan that sunbathe every day in the light of the dawn as warm mountain bombs soar over...

A favourite memory I had from Myanmar was the exploration of the huge but flat Inle-See. Surrounding this huge pond are towns, some of which are constructed quite simply on piles above the waters. While Bagan is known for its sun rises, the sundowns at Inle Sea are just as spectacular. Myanmar fisherman are posing with their photo netting to take unbelievable photos of Myanmar.

Several of them also posing for photos at dusk. They are breathtaking results, but remember they await a tip! To explore Inle with the cameras was one of my favourite souvenirs from Southeast Asia.

There' s so many great images to have - and so many ways to distance yourself from others (after all, it's a big lake). If you get fatigued, you can simply rent a bosun to take you across the beautiful lakes.

Lake Inle is littered with swimming pools where local people cultivate all kinds of plants directly above the waters. There' s also a city known for the production of bean curd and a favourite shopping area. Although Inle Lake is still a minor tourist destination for Bagan, I actually thought my stay there was the culmination of my sojourn.

The atmosphere was relaxing, the unbelievable cultural, the friendliness of the natives, the nature and of course the wonderful photo possibilities everywhere. At some places the gangway is so shaky that it may feel as if it will lock in any second! And Mandalay also has some breathtaking monasteries, as well as a convent on a mound that offers unbelievable possibilities to take breathtaking pictures of the town.

Mandalay is often jumped over by people, but its cultural heritage, temple and general atmosphere are quite special and in my view deserve a stop. Burma still has a little feeling of a land caught in an age. There are many enchanting things about Myanmar - its breathtaking temple, its beautiful nature, its delicious food.

During one of these photo shootings. Do you want to go to Burma to take your own Myanmar pictures? For more information on travelling to Myanmar yourself, see my short travelogue. Also for more coole Myanmar pictures, tales and travel guidebooks from other travellers, see here, here and here.

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