Myanmar Nationality Law

Burmese nationality law

IMMIGRATION AND CITIZENSHIP LAW IN BURMA. Below is the L:English translation of Burmese law. "This law designated three categories of citizens: Citizenship law of the People's Republic of China regulates the nationality of the People's Republic of China. A law providing for certain provisions relating to British citizenship and Australian citizenship.

Acts, ordinances, draft legislation and provisions on nationality, citizenship and migration (Texts)

Aliens Act, 1864..... Aliens Registry Act, 1940..... Foreigners' order, 1948..... Burma Passport Act, 1920..... 6. Burma Passport Regulations, 1948..... Burmese extradition law, 1903..... Burma Immigration ("Emergency Provisions") Act, 1947..... Burmese immigration regulations, 1951..... Law on the Transfers of Immovable Property (Restriction), 1947.....

Laws on the assignment of immovable property (restriction), 1956..... Citizenship of the Union Act, 1948..... Citizenship of the Union Regulation, 1949..... Citizenship of the Union Act (Election), 1948..... Citizenship election regulations, 1948....... A., B. L., Source/Publisher:Pyithu Hluttaw via "The Working People's Daily" Description/Topic:(Law No. LXVI of 1948.) In the version of 1 December 1960.

"That law can be described as the Union Citizenship Act of 1948. It shall apply throughout the Union of Burma and shall be considered to have entered into force on 4 January 1948, 9 January 1948, Pyatho, 1390 B.E....". Descriptive/Topic:Entry into effect on 4 January 1949.

abstract/theme:India Act III, 1864 (12 février 1864) "CONSIDÉRANT qu'il est opportun de prendre des dispositions pour permettre au président de l'Union d'empêcher les sujets des États étrangers de résider ou de séjourner dans l'Union de Birmanie ou d'y passer ou d'y voyager sans le consentement du président de l'Union, il est rédigé comme suit: ?

Burmese nationality law

Burma has a layered system of nationality (from the 1982 Nationality Act) depending on how its ancestors received it: Complete burghers are descendents of inhabitants who before 1823 were living in Burma or were births of families who were burghers at the moment of childbirth. Associated nationals are those who have obtained nationality under the Union Nationality Act of 1948.

Naturalised nationals are those who resided in Burma before 4 January 1948 and sought nationality after 1982. Myanmar does not recognise double nationality. Myanmar's nationality is immediately terminated by naturalisation in another state. By 2016, Myanmar's nationals had visa-free or visa-free entry into 42 counties and territories and ranked number 95 in the global rankings according to the Visas Restrictions Index.

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