Myanmar National Map

Burma National Map

Career - Contact - Media Center - Sitemap. Cards of Myanmar and surrounding countries. In this Burmese world map, the oceans are as shallow and blue as ours. Local Governance Mapping in Myanmar? Information and data will allow comparison with the baseline, across the country and over time reporting on forests with a particular focus on national capacity building.

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So what is Myanmar governance mapping?

So what is Myanmar governance mapping? Myanmar's framework for economic and social reforms has identified the need for people-centred growth through citizen involvement, cleaner governance and greater empowerment for Myanmar's state and regional governments. Myanmar's administration has taken action to achieve these goals. Currently, there is little information on the on-site experience of grassroots administrations, services provided and the citizen of this transition and on the wider lack of institution building capacities at grassroots levels.

The project covers the prospects of individuals and institutions in 112 villages in 56 cities in 14 states and territories. It is carried out in all 14 states and territories of Myanmar. Which instruments are used to map issues of regional governments? The Citizens Report Cards are used to talk about accessibility to healthcare, educational and community based information provision, as well as citizens' rights of citizens.

Meetings are conducted to connect communities and governments agencies in communities and stations, validation of problems and finding community based information and community based solution approaches, with community leaders, community boards and civic groups to better understanding the wider operation of community governance that affects the design and provision of community based community based community outreach.

Outcomes will be presented and debated with governments from state/region, municipalities and villages and other interest groups such as parliamentarians, community commissions and civic groups in order to further deepen our knowledge of the state of regional/state governments. In addition to gathering all the information and information on the above instruments, the cartography exercise will also take the chance to debate the good governance policies with actors at state and community policymakers in order to justify the reforms Agenda.

Maps will help governments and developing countries to develop sound policy and programs to improve services provision and democracy at their own levels. Following are some highlights of the results of local government mapping:

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