Myanmar National Day 2016

2016 Myanmar National Day

The date this year is November 24, 2016. Thu, 24 November 2016, National Holiday, Holiday. Mon, 13 November 2017, National Holiday, Holiday. Aung Aung San Suu Kyi speaks during the Mon National Day ceremony at People's Park in Yangon on February 26. 09 January, Kayin New Year's Day.

2018 and 2019 National Holidays

The national holiday is one of the few non-religious (Buddhist) feasts in Myanmar. The most popular Myanmar vacation today: This is the year of the beginning of the riots against Britain in 1920, which finally resulted in the country's sovereignty in 1948. Specifically, it is the date of the first students' strikes at Rangoon University (now Yangon).

In 1935 and 1938, further strike action took place to awaken national identities and resistance to Britain's policy of colonialism. Each year the precise date of the national holiday changes because it is built on the Myanmar calender. Myanmar designates 2015 as 1377, and there are 12 moon moons of 29 or 30 each.

That is only 354 working nights, so every three years an additional "make-up month" is added to obtain the sun calender. This date is on the tenth day after the first full lunar day of the Tazaungmon period, which means that the national holiday can take place from mid-November to early December.

It is the story up to the revolts of the college revolts that forms the backdrop to the national holiday. 1824 the Brits captured Burma. Burma was added to Britain-India in 1886 as it is a distinct provincial area. These incidents contributed to the fire in the run-up to the revolts. Eventually, on December 5, 1920, infamous new UK rules drove Yangon University protesters.

Soon the demonstrations were spreading to other colleges across the country. The riots finally lasted until the country's liberation on December 4, 1948. Although the national holiday is on Myanmar's agenda, it is not necessarily an important period for celebrating it. Instead, many who sense the Myanmaranmar' s politics take to the street to protested against the dominant army there.

Recently in Myanmar, after 25 years of junta government, free election has been set, so this might be a different state. It is a day when religious, student and expatriate groups are usually part of the national holiday protest, and on this day a new uprising is often called for.

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