Myanmar National Airlines Safety

Burma National Airlines Security

Are you trying to find out who should fly inland to ensure a safe and smooth flight in Myanmar? This airline's security record is not as good as others in Myanmar. Myanmar National Airlines' predecessor, Burma Airways, has a very poor security situation with several fatal accidents. Burma National Airlines - Security. This partnership also demonstrates the commitment of both sides to a high level of security," said Captain Than Tun, CEO of Myanmar National Airlines.

Aeronautical report: Burma National Airlines

But in my head safety comes first and I am very cautious about which airlines I use. I' m pouring over on-line review until I find the right agreement (and a timetable that' s good for sleep also!) before I book. Following talks with some recent visits to Myanmar or Myanmar residents, the results came back overwhelming, commending Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) for operating internal missions.

Welcomed with a friendly'Mingalarba' (Hello/Welcome), the check-in procedure was fast and effective on both sections of my journey, even though I was traveling as part of a large group. Myanmar's biggest airfield, the check-in, safety and lounging processes are similar to most of the world's airports: fast and effective.

The new Terminal 3 will be the departure point for all internal services. When you fly inland with Myanmar National Airlines, you will probably be on board an ATR-72 Twin Prop. Being a small local airfield near the famous Inle Lake, the procedure is simple, but somewhat messy, especially when several airlines take off within a few moments, as was the case with my flight from Heho - Yangon.

The Heho Airport has a few stores that collect your souvenir, snack and drink for the airplane and a small lounge area. The' Gates' are all in one place and the passengers are all sitting together, so pay attention to the name of your carrier that calls your game!

You will leave the airport station and return to the asphalt to get on the aircraft, probably an ATR-72Twin Prop For brief flights within the country Myanmar National Airlines is flying ATR 72, twin-engine propeller aircraft in a 2-2 seater layout. On all three flights I did with Myanmar National Airlines, I was grateful that I could sit next to myself without anyone, which made the room more pleasant.

If you have large cameras, you may need to inspect the case or place it under the front of you and keep your UAV at home; it is against the law to operate UAVs in Myanmar! There is no in-flight conversation on board Myanmar International air travel. It' okay, the flying is relatively brief (about 1 hour and 10 minutes), so lie down for a nice snooze or just be sure to have your earphones or a good one!

During my trip from Yangon - Heho I flew an off-ramp with a station in Bagan. Different from the Australian landing we were able to remain on board for about 20 mins. Traveling with a stop-over means an extra lesson (from 1 hr 10 to 2 hr 10 min), but it is convenient, you get a snack and beverages on both feet, and with only a few flights per days, it is a good way to get quickly between town.

If you misplaced a seat during the first part of your trip, you may need to return to the aircraft's previous position. Free food and beverages are provided on Myanmar National Airlines internal services. A small cardboard carton containing two kinds of pastry was placed in front of me on both segments: a biscuit and a sweet sugar/almost a quart of cakes.

In the Bagan - Heho section I was given a chocolate cake and some shrimp cracker, which I can only call "shrimp curls". In the Bagan - Heho section I was given a bread roll and some shrimp cracker, which I can only call'shrimp curls'. The beverages are simple: Wasser, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Miranda and 7-Up are presented in disposable 2 litre bottle mugs, but you are given 1-2 servings per trip, which I thought was a pleasant feeling.

Being a careful traveler in my choice of airlines, I really appreciated my Myanmar National Airline expertise in three different sectors. During the whole journey my only worry was on the fly from Heho - Yangon, one of the tyres looked quite slim. Whilst it did not affect our ride in any way, I wonder if that was part of the motive why the airplane wanted to move a little to the lefthand when we arrived in Yangon (a little detail, but I'm a nosy aeronautical geek).

Whilst I am sure that the aircraft is being watched back and forth between the excursions (many of the aircraft seem to have flown several sections with very fast (20-40 minutes) turns, I would hopefully that it was a prioritisation. Enjoying my Tigerair Asia flight experiences from Singapore - Yangon, I can't wait to see how MNA's competitive flight network can withstand cheap competitors.

On my next (longer!) journey to Myanmar I can't hardly look forward to flying with them again! Getting to Myanmar: I took Tigerair Asia from Singapore to Yangon, which provides a weekly non-stop service. Burma Myanmar Int. Airlines (same carrier as this report, intercontinental services are on larger aircraft!) operates two scheduled services a day directly from Singapore Changi to Yangon In.

Need a Myanmar Visas? It is very likely that you will need an e-visas for Myanmar. Getting your formal status is fast and simple. Here you can request the offical Myanmar website. Printout your e-visas for your Yangon flights before check-in.

They didn't tell me you needed a hard copy and I had to go to one of the stands in Changi's Terminal 2 to get it for SGD$2. During my journey to Yangon I remained in two houses: The first night I slept in the stadium in Styles Yangon.

Seriously funkky rooms blend light colors and contemporary conveniences with Myanmar art and local furniture. Last time I slept at Novotel Yangon Max. I had a strenuous weekend in Singapore and Myanmar and it was just the right thing for me with large, roomy rooms, a comfortable pillow case and a rain forest showers.

You can find more Yangon properties here. Maybe I also did a local Myanmar tradition in my local spas, which I strongly suggest! During #Escapers17 I was a frequent flyer with Accor Airlines, Scoot, TigerAir and Asia Holidays.

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